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Fashion Week MN, Twin Cities Agenda

Fashion Week Minnesota 2017

The Twin Cities aren't generally known as the fashion meccas that, say, New York City, Los Angeles, or London, are. But that's kind of the point. Our local designers are doing a lot of...
Why you should run on Summit Avenue, Twin Cities Agenda

Why you should run on Summit Avenue

It’s not always fun to run. The shortness of breath, the stitch in your side, the why am I out here? And then the elated feeling of accomplishment; the ecstasy of the after-run high. This from...
Come be a big kid at SMM's Social Science

Come be a big kid at SMM’s Social Science

Are you a lover of all things Pixar? Do you dream of flowing through the sea with Dory, Melvin and Nemo? Maybe you want to hang with Woody and the rest of the Toy...
Summer is coming: X Games, Burger Battles and more

Summer is coming: X Games, Burger Battles and more

There's plenty to look forward to, now that the sun has come out of hiding and the snow is (finally) starting to melt. There's no excuse for staying indoors, and with the long list...
Summer fun for the whole family

Summer fun for the whole family

Summer fun for the family? There's plenty to do in the Twin Cities, and there's no shortage of events coming up soon to put on your calendar. Our summer nights are fleeting, so it's...
Art is meant to be free. These museums make it so.

Free Museums & Art Attractions in the Twin Cities

There's plenty to do and see in Minneapolis and St. Paul, especially when it comes to museums. But an admission ticket to a local museum can get pricey, especially when you've got...

Weekly Events 4/23-4/29

From sweaty concert hands to slobbery baby goat feeding hands, here is your list of this weeks local events for the week of April 23rd, 2017:   Fashion Week MN- The second week of Fashion Week MN kicks...

Minnesota’s 10 Best Summer Break Activities

Summer break will soon be upon us - and instead of wasting your days stuck inside savoring the A/C, grab the local bull by the horns and enjoy some (one-or-all) of the...
Unconventional places to study, Twin Cities Agenda

Unconventional Study Spots

Whether you’re a student at one of the Twin Cities many colleges an universities (St. Paul is second only to Boston in higher learning institutions per capita) or working hard on a business plan, proposal,...

Low-key libations & gastronomy: A guide to hidden gems throughout the Twin Cities

Being up-to-date on the up-and-coming restaurant scene is the in-thing these days and with that comes throngs of humans in a space all dying to be the first Instagram post and twitter feed talking...