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fireworks laws mn

Revisiting Minnesota Fireworks Laws

The 4th of July is upon us and we all know what that means: Fireworks. Fireworks are everywhere. For the week preceding the 4th and even afterwards, all of...

When and How To Argue in the Age of Information

It's a beautiful, late-summer day. The sun is shining outside. Your favorite song is playing on the radio. You woke up on the right-side-of-the-bed this morning, you're feeling great - your hair...
Twin Cities Government Layers, Twin Cities Agenda

Government Layers: Understanding Twin Cities Government from Outside In

Government in Minnesota, especially in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, has multiple layers that can produce watery-eyed confusion unless you know how to target the right person or office when things go...

Now India (7 Minutes to Sunrise)

The first sounds of the morning are of tuk-tuk and taxi engines as they come to life, their honking horns alongside the footsteps of the city's informal working class taking to the...
You're an @sshole: Being "right" in the digital age

Arguing Online: Being “Right” in the Digital Age

The Digital Age is the current period of human history: We’ve moved from the industry-based society of the Industrial Revolution to a focus on computerizing information and creating a more knowledge-based society.
President Obama hits the Billboard charts with “One Last Time (44 Remix)”

President Obama hits the Billboard charts with “One Last Time (44 Remix)”

Barack Obama, 44th president of the United States, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Harvard graduate, the United States' most-admired man (11 years straight), husband and father can now add R&B star to his lost list...
Minneapolis/St. Paul "highly segregated by race" according to new report

Minneapolis/St. Paul “highly segregated by race” according to new report

The twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul end up on an impressive number of "Top 10" and "Best of" lists - for the economy, the bike lanes, the restaurants, the number of theater...
Blue Wave in Minnesota

Democrats celebrate “Blue Wave” in Minnesota

The "Blue Wave" that Democrats hoped would sweep through all levels of government wasn't quite as large as they hoped - while the party in blue did retake the House of Representatives for the...
Government layers: Understanding Twin Cities government, from the outside to the inside

Democrat Tim Walz leads Republican Jeff Johnson in Statewide Student Mock Election

Election day is nearly here. Not only is it the one day where adults can be unapologetically excited about wearing stickers, it is of course, the day we select who represents us and runs...
Why Minnesota roads are the way they are

Do they drop bombs here? Why Minnesota roads are the way they are

If you have lived in Minnesota for any amount of time, you have eventually come to the realization that there are only really two seasons here: The first season is called survival, aka winter,...