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Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Cliff Mitchell, Vanity Lines, and New Hex Records

"Baby sometimes i don't understand you/But you're the abstract art in my modern museum/And baby sometimes we fall apart/But the ruins of my heart stand like the...

A Discussion with “Hot Asian Doctor Husband” Star Meghan Kreidler

Meghan Kreidler is, in a word, busy. She recently played the Basilica Block Party, with her band Kiss the Tiger, and the Red Stag Supper Club's In Cahoots block party as well....

The power of family at the forefront of Theater Mu’s “Fast Company”

The lobby of the Guthrie is packed. "A Christmas Carol" and "Steel Magnolias" are playing tonight. Coats and scarves have emerged already from the depths of our closets, people shiver and stamp...

Man of God: Theater Mu Tackles Sexual Abuse, Violence, Religion, Patriarchy in Triumphant Return

Theater Mu, St. Paul's premier Asian American arts organization and second-largest such organization in the country, has officially returned to live performances. Given the apprehension that lingers still around in-person events, some...

FAWK Returns Live with The Super Show… Again

FAWK - the Funny Asian Women Kollective - is back onstage for the first time in over two years with The Super Show... Again. The much-beloved ensemble performance will feature May...

The Power of Music: A Discussion with “Cambodian Rock Band” Music Director Mandric Tan

Music is an important piece of theater - it sets the tone, adds emotional cues and impact to create a marriage of image and sound that sticks in the mind of the...

Music, Comedy, Cancer: Theater Mu Does It “Again”

There is a question that lingers throughout the world premier of Theater Mu's "Again," written by Katie Ka Vang (book) and Melissa Li (music & lyrics), and directed by Nana Dakin: