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Step back in time and explore the golden era of Minnesota department stores

Step back in time and explore the golden era of Minnesota department stores

Black Friday is over. And so is Small Business Saturday. And Cyber Monday. And... I think that covers all of them. But whether you stayed at home in your sweats ordering online or actually...
Here's where to stream the NASA Mars landing today

Livestream the NASA InSight Mars landing

It's been seven months (and a decade of planning), one billion dollars, and more than 300 million miles traveled since NASA's InSight robotic lander set out on its mission to Mars. Here in Minnesota, we...
The 2019 Charlie Awards

2019 Charlie Awards Finalists

The Charlie Awards, the Twin Cities' localized version of the James Beard Awards, honor the very best food, drink, hospitality, and innovation in Minneapolis and St. Paul. The finalists for 2019 have been officially been...
Minneapolis/St. Paul "highly segregated by race" according to new report

Minneapolis/St. Paul “highly segregated by race” according to new report

The twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul end up on an impressive number of "Top 10" and "Best of" lists - for the economy, the bike lanes, the restaurants, the number of theater...
Nasa returns to the moon in stylevideo

Watch: NASA returns to the moon in style

"We’ve taken giant leaps and left our mark in the heavens. Now we’re building the next chapter, returning to the Moon to stay, and preparing to go beyond. We are NASA – and after...
Where Minnesota ranks among the most stressed-out states in the US

How stressed is Minnesota? Here’s where we rank, and why

Stress affects everyone: It creeps into every aspect of our lives and is now considered to be one of the biggest hazards to our health and well-being. Stress has been steadily on the rise...
Diabetes Awareness Now | Twin Cities Agenda

Diabetes Awareness Now

More than 30 million people have diabetes, and an additional 84 million have prediabetes in the United States. This is according to the most recent report from the American Diabetes Association (2017). Worldwide, there...
Blue Wave in Minnesota

Democrats celebrate “Blue Wave” in Minnesota

The "Blue Wave" that Democrats hoped would sweep through all levels of government wasn't quite as large as they hoped - while the party in blue did retake the House of Representatives for the...
Government layers: Understanding Twin Cities government, from the outside to the inside

Democrat Tim Walz leads Republican Jeff Johnson in Statewide Student Mock Election

Election day is nearly here. Not only is it the one day where adults can be unapologetically excited about wearing stickers, it is of course, the day we select who represents us and runs...
Are memes bad for your health? New data says yes, by Twin Cities Agenda

Are memes bad for your health? New study says yes

Memes are seen as a zeitgeist that defines the tumultuous world of today - their relevance often rooted in current events and social stigmas. They are, however, not that new at all: The term was first...
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