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No Kill Shelter in Minnesota, Twin Cities Agenda

No-Kill Shelters in Minnesota

There are many options for finding a new four-legged friend, from the Humane Society to working with a breeder directly. A new trend starting to heat up is heading to a no-kill shelter: These...
Winter in Minnesota is a dark affair. But why?

Winter in Minnesota is a dark affair. But why?

As we count down the last few days before the end of Daylight Saving Time, we all know well what is coming next: The fourth quarter of the year, the temporal swan song of...

The State of Mental Health in Minnesota

The conversation surrounding mental health has recently shined its spotlight on Minnesota. But not, unfortunately, for a good reason. Apparently, our state is quite depressed: According to a recent study conducted by BlueCross BlueShield...
Everybody sucks, except for you: Notes on arguing

When and How To Argue in the Age of Information

It's a beautiful, late-summer day. The sun is shining outside. Your favorite song is playing on the radio. You woke up on the right-side-of-the-bed this morning, you're feeling great - your hair...
You're an @sshole: Being "right" in the digital age

You’re an @sshole: Being “right” in the digital age

The Digital Age is the current period of human history: We’ve moved from the industry-based society of the Industrial Revolution to a focus on computerizing information and creating a more knowledge-based society. Also known as...
Opinion: Nothing easy about discussing guns

Opinion: There’s nothing easy about discussing guns

This is a topic that has always been, and seemingly always will be, controversial: From the 2nd amendment's staunch "right to bear arms" supporters, to mad-men massacres of the innocent, to children killing themselves with...

That’s all for humans: Google’s DeepMind AI is crushing pro gamers

Humans had a good run as caretakers of the planet (for better, or, as many would argue, for worse), but our time is slowly drawing to a close: This week, humanity took one step...
Blame it on my youth: The struggles of a coming generation

Blame it on my youth: The struggles of a coming generation

Generation Z, those born between 1997 and 2015, now outnumber Millennials and have become the single largest population segment in the United States. We described a positive outlook for the coming generation a few months...
15 New Slang Terms for 2019 Explained

15 New Slang Terms Explained

If you’re planning on using the internet at all this year, or conversing with someone under the age of 35, you’ll want to take a gander at this list of the newest slang terms...
Spark joy in your life — why you need to watch "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo" immediately

Spark joy in your life — why you need to watch “Tidying Up with...

If you own a Netflix account, it's likely you have noticed one show pop up again and again: Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. You might recognize the name Marie Kondo from her massively-popular book. Marie...
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