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You Might Live to See the Year 2100

It might be hard to imagine, but it’s true: As of today, if you are 35 years old or younger it is quite probable you will live to the see the year...

Hybrid Cars: Environmental Blessing or Ticking Time Bomb?

I have a family member who scoffs every time they see a Toyota Prius, Nissan Leaf, or any car with the hybrid badge on it drive by. Every time...

The November Project

We’ve had our first snowfall, and it has taken all of my willpower not to completely succumb to my natural state and show up to work wrapped in the comforter from my...
Pictures of everything: Our obsession with permanence

Pictures or It Didn’t Happen: Our Obsession with Permanence

Something happens. Something memorable, or kind of cool, or not really that interesting at all. But we're bored, so we take thirteen pics of it anyway. We have to take pictures, record...
fireworks laws mn

Revisiting Minnesota Fireworks Laws

The 4th of July is upon us and we all know what that means: Fireworks. Fireworks are everywhere. For the week preceding the 4th and even afterwards, all of...
No Kill Shelter in Minnesota, Twin Cities Agenda

No-Kill Shelters in Minnesota

There are many options for finding a new four-legged friend, from the Humane Society to working with a breeder directly. A new trend starting to heat up is heading to a no-kill...

The State of Mental Health in Minnesota

The conversation surrounding mental health has recently shined its spotlight on Minnesota. But not, unfortunately, for a good reason. Apparently, our state is quite depressed: According to a recent study conducted by...
A business closed due to bankruptcy after coronavirus

Bankruptcy in the Time of Coronavirus

These are uncertain times we're living in, and life during the coronavirus pandemic offers unique challenges for all of us. This is especially true for those looking to file for bankruptcy: Whether your...

A Trip From St. Paul to Montana by Train

We take the train west from Union Depot in St. Paul through North Dakota into Montana. We stop in Glacier National Park for a three-day hike and then continue the journey through...
Don't send nudes: "Sextortion" on the rise, with dire consequences

Rising Rates of “Sextortion” Cause for Concern

Sexting is on the rise. And, like any activity that has at-least a million people engaging in it on a day-to-day basis, so is the level of crime linked...