Our Mission and Team

Why we are here:
The Twin Cities Agenda’s sole purpose is to bring the latest events, breaking news and best things to do straight to you, the citizens that make the Twin Cities the best place on earth.

In 13 words, here is what we are all about:
We make it more fun and interesting to live in the Twin Cities.

What you can expect from us:
We publish about 25 stories per week on our site and send a weekly/epic/thoughtful recap of stuff happening around the cities — good and bad (but mostly good). We also report directly on Facebook and Instagram.

What we think:
We think that the do-the-opposite approach works and we try to live by it.
We think fun is really important, and we think we are really good at having fun.
We think working with people you like (even love) is the way to go.
We think writing about topics that you are passionate about inspires intellectual growth.
We think being agile and free improves the quality of the product.
We think procrastination is the worst of the worst, but that it happens.

Our Team:

Sam Anthony: COO, Digital Strategist, Author

Adrian Schramm: Editor-in-Chief, Author

Brian Niebler: Digital Strategist, Author

Sarah Steil: Creative Director, Author

Lisa Reed: Creative, Author

Brandon Randolph: Author

Katelin Hogard: Author

Jeremy Laue: Author