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Thursday, September 23, 2021
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New and coming soon restaurants

As if the Twin Cities wasn’t already a foodie utopia, the dining scene continues to swell in the area. Not only is it growing, but we are getting unique spots that seem to offer...
Where to find the best grilled cheese sandwich in the Twin Cities

Where to find the best grilled cheese sandwich in the Twin Cities

There is something so perfect about the grilled cheese sandwich: pairing warm, buttery, toasty bread with gooey, melty cheese. And as a picky-eater growing up, grilled cheese was the end-all meal for me. I...
A picture of the ombibulous logo for Twin Cities Agenda

SPOTLIGHT: Ombibulous in Northeast Minneapolis

"As for me, I am prepared to admit some merit in every alcoholic beverage ever devised... and drink them...

The Twin Cities’ best places to wing it

It seems that every restaurant and their mother's has wings on the menu. It's a crazy common, simple menu item. But it can be elevated to glory by some detailed execution and finesse. Or, quite simply, when...
Tongue in Cheek, Twin Cities Agenda

A very modern honor for St. Paul’s Tongue in Cheek

We as a society like to give out rewards and designations to our favorites: Best restaurant, best dish, best chef, best service, best... These are pretty common. And Tongue in Cheek (989 Payne Ave, St Paul),...
Date Night Deals: Where to eat when you’re on a budget

Date Night Deals: Where to eat when you’re on a budget

Even though it’s cold and snowy outside, the weather shouldn’t keep you from enjoying a romantic night out on the town. And, luckily for us, restaurants around the metro want to keep the romance...
Sushi in the Twin Cities

Sushi in the Twin Cities

Good fish, better rice. Sushi is still one of the best meals to share with a group of friends and family (or strangers, for that matter), and the landlocked Twin Cities are getting better...
A farewell to Kelly's means the end of an era, by Twin Cities Agenda

A farewell to Kelly’s means the end of an era

We were recently watching the 2005 film adaptation of Bukowski's famous Factotum, starring Matt Dillon, Marisa Tomei, and Lili Taylor. Much of the film was shot right here in St. Paul, specifically in the downtown...

Seriously, What The Health? A discussion on healthy eating

Eating vegan is not a bad thing. In fact, there's a lot of good that can come from a plant-based diet, as we're discovering out more and more. But you should have all the...
The Twin Cities' Top 10 Italian Restaurants

The Twin Cities’ Top 10 Italian Restaurants

As a lifelong Midwesterner, my ears have heard far too many instances of “EYE”-talian when it comes to salad dressing, restaurants, or cars. In fact, for those of us who grew up eating spaghetti salad...
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