47.8 F
Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Comfort food to get you through the cold

Wet, warm and cloudy. Not ideal weather for Minnesota in January. While it isn't frigid cold like it was a week ago, I still crave some wholesome, warm, eat-until-you-want-to-hibernate type of food to make the serotonin flow....

Great meals you can make on a budget, vol. 3

Chicken Tacos MMM… you can’t go wrong with tacos for a delicious meal. What’s the best way to make tacos? On a budget of course! Here’s a version based on some of my favorite ingredients...

Cocktails to make at home, vol. 3

Here it is, the third edition for cocktails you can make at home. Summer is here, It’s hot outside, and the sun is shining! Let’s keep it cool with these fun cocktails you can...

Cocktails you can make at home, vol. 4

We’re over halfway through August. Summer is moving too fast. But that doesn't mean we can’t enjoy what we have: There’s still plenty of summer sunshine left, which means more time to enjoy some...
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