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The Best Restaurants in St. Paul, Minnesota

The 50 Best Restaurants in St. Paul

The Best Restaurants in St. Paul, MN As 2017 comes to a close, we celebrate a year in which St. Paul finally comes into its own as a food city. Not that there...
summer restaurant guide - Twin Cities

Best Twin Cities Restaurants – Summer of 2017 Edition

Introducing the top restaurants in MPLS and STP Minneapolis and St Paul have a lot to offer in the way of delicious food, but it is almost impossible to stay on top of where all...
The 5 grocery delivery services in the Twin Cities you should know about

The 5 grocery delivery services in the Twin Cities you should know about

Too busy to go grocery shopping, or just plain hate it? You're not alone. But there are other options: Eat out every meal, live off of freeze-dried emergency food packets, or, drum roll please, have...

Top 10 bars before, during, and after MN Twins games

Summer is in full swing and we have celebrated another year of our American independence. The Minnesota Wild didn’t make it as far as we had hoped but they’re making trades and changes in...
Anthony Bourdain

A Tribute to Anthony Bourdain

At Twin Cities Agenda, one of our main focuses of writing is on local food and drink. Good food and drink, hopefully, generally, and, at its best, it's writing that also discusses the importance...
10 best restaurants on the Green Line, Twin Cities Agenda

10 Best Restaurants on the Green Line

Running from downtown St. Paul to downtown Minneapolis, the Green Line is a physical link between the cores of our two fair cities. But more than that, it has created better access to the...
St. Paul's best fries, Twin Cities Agenda

The very best fries in St. Paul, Minnesota

French fries are always a great snack, whether you’re drinking or not. But definitely when drinking. This is a contentious issue, as everyone has their favorites, be it with skin on or off, crinkle...

Top 10 Restaurants for Mother’s Day Brunch

In no specific order, these are some great Twin Cities restaurants to highlight for a special Mother's Day brunch.   St. James Hotel - Red Wing, MN Mother's Day Brunch, 10am-3pm, $20 kids/$43 adults and reservations recommended. This extensive buffet...

The Twin Cities Top 10 Thai Restaurants

When it comes to Thai food in the Twin Cities, Minneapolis doesn't stand a chance against St. Paul (and only a few places in California maybe have a chance in a battle against our...
The 9 restaurants that turned St. Paul into a food city

10 restaurants that turned St. Paul into a food city

We have always loved St. Paul. Unashamedly so. While Minneapolis was looking down on its twin with an air of superiority, St. Paul just kept on being St. Paul - a little weird sometimes,...
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