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Drink Local, Support Local

"As for me, I am prepared to admit some merit in every alcoholic beverage ever devised... and drink them...
Food Substitutions: Sugar, salt, fat, gluten, eggs, and more

Food Substitutions: Sugar, Salt, Fat, Gluten, Eggs, & More

Whether you have food allergies, intolerances, or simply want/need to avoid certain foods, it can be a challenge knowing which foods to substitute or how much to swap out for another. Following...

Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin

What's fat-soluble, naturally present in only a few foods, and is triggered by ultraviolet B (UVB) rays from the sun? If you answered "Vitamin D," you are correct. Vitamin...
Quick and easy recipes for Thanksgiving Dinner

Quick & Easy Recipes for Thanksgiving Dinner

While an ever-increasing number of people are opting to eat out instead cooking Thanksgiving dinner, there's still no better way to enjoy the holiday than around your table at home. Make one, or all,...
Parsnips: Falling into winter

Parsnips: Celebrate Autumn with this Delicious Root

Autumn arrived quickly this year - the summer temps plummeted almost overnight, and, before I knew it, I was sneezing through my fall allergies. If you were lucky enough to get a fleeting glimpse...

Simple slow cooker apple butter recipe to warm you up this fall

It's crock pot season. It’s time for warm soups, hearty chilis, and, now, sweet, warm apple butter for your slow cooker repertoire. Your home will smell amazing after you make this easy...
Summer is watermelon season: Here's what you should know

Summer is watermelon season: Here’s what you should know

Mark Twain called watermelon, "Chief of this world's luxuries ... When one has tasted it, he knows what Angels eat." I agree with Mr. Twain - but only when it's eaten in season: A...

Protein from places other than meat, soy products

As we discover we don't need to each as much animal meat as we once thought we did, a mad search for alternative sources of protein begins. We've always liked soy, but we've also...

Defining a City By Its Food: 17 Uniquely St. Paul Dishes

Much poetry has been written as an ode to the city; the place where we were born and/or raised, that has shaped us. Poetry, pictures, paintings and films. We look for these things and...
Ranelle Kirchner as a chef in the kitchens of Avignon, France

Stars in My Eyes: A Minnesota Chef in Avignon, France

I remember the day so vividly: Waking up to the golden statue of the Virgin Mary overlooking my window - she stood proud, unadulterated, and poised at the top of a palace...
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