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Vegan diets for kids: Proceed with knowledge

Vegan diets for kids: Proceed with knowledge

There are many reasons people pursue a vegan diet; religious beliefs, environmental impact, or simple respect for our animal friends. A vegan diet, however, which doesn't allow foods that are made of or contain animal...

Defining a City By Its Food: 17 Uniquely St. Paul Dishes

Much poetry has been written as an ode to the city; the place where we were born and/or raised, that has shaped us. Poetry, pictures, paintings and films. We look for these...

Remedies For Your Spring Allergies

Spring weather came early year. With the joys of spring, however, come seasonal allergies as well. We have such a small window of lovely weather here in Minnesota that it’s a shame...

How the marshmallow will actually help with your indigestion and heartburn

Okay, so not exactly the white, gooey, explode-in-the-microwave marshmallow we know and love today. But rather, the herb -- marshmallow root. It was only over centuries that we developed the medicinal marshmallow root into...

Brandon Randolph’s Comfort Food to Get You Through the Cold

Wet, warm and cloudy. Not ideal weather for Minnesota in January. While it isn't frigid cold like it was a week ago, I still crave some wholesome, warm, eat-until-you-want-to-hibernate type of food to make the...
Anthony Bourdain

A Tribute to Anthony Bourdain

At the Twin Cities Agenda, one of our main areas of focus is on local food and drink. At its best, it is writing that also discusses the importance of food and...
Summer is watermelon season: Here's what you should know

Summer is Watermelon Season: Here’s What You Should Know

Mark Twain called watermelon, "Chief of this world's luxuries ... When one has tasted it, he knows what Angels eat." I agree with Mr. Twain - but only when it's eaten in...

The new restaurant that’s revitalizing Native American cuisine

You probably know Minnesota best as the place with the massive mall, miles and miles of bike trails, the home of our beloved Prince, and of course, snow. And then more snow. And while...
The Best Restaurants in St. Paul, Minnesota

The 50 Best Restaurants in St. Paul

The Best Restaurants in St. Paul, MN As 2017 comes to a close, we celebrate a year in which St. Paul finally comes into its own as a food city. Not that there...
The best restaurants in the Twin Cities suburbs

The Best Restaurants in the Twin Cities Suburbs

Minneapolis and St. Paul typically get all the attention when it comes to who serves up the best dishes and boasting about the best restaurants in town. But don’t brush off the...