A Better Cut: Peterson Farms’ Limousin Beef

A better cut: Peterson Limousin Beef | Twin Cities Agenda
photo by Adrian Daniel Schramm

On a small farm tucked away deep in the St. Croix River Valley, an unassuming farm house sits in the midst of green fields, blue skies, and herds of cows resting in the shade. It’s the kind of place you think of when you think of country peace and quiet: crisp, clean air, and a calm you rarely find in the city.

The Midwest is known as an agricultural landscape. While the overbearing presence of large factory farms can be felt when you visit outstate Minnesota and Wisconsin, small farmers are making their presence known as well, finding success simply by producing a better product.

A better cut: Peterson Limousin Beef | Twin Cities Agenda

This farm belongs to the Peterson family, who have been raising Limousin cattle since 1973 just outside of Osceola, Wisconsin. A prized French breed, Limousin is famous for its lean-but-still-tender meat, and for being low in fat and cholesterol without any sacrifice of flavor.

For that, we salute you.

Peterson Limousin Beef

But it’s about more than just making sure the hungry people of Minnesota and Wisconsin get the very best cut of beef (although that is certainly a big part of it), it’s also about sustainable practices; raising the animals in a humane manner, antibiotic and hormone-free, and then sending them on to the restaurants and markets that appreciate the difference.

These are free-range, grass-fed, frolic-happy bovines. Everyone knows that makes for better-tasting meat, and just as important as what ends up on the plate is the level of respect that the farmers have for the animals and the land they’re raised on.

A better cut: Peterson Limousin Beef | Twin Cities Agenda

And you don’t have to take our word for it: you can find this all out for yourself. The family welcomes visitors to come and take a look at their farm and practices firsthand. Andy Peterson, pictured above, gives tours of the farm and surrounding fields, and explains the entire process of raising cattle the right way.

Get in contact here: www.petersonlimousinbeef.com

The Twin Cities have shown Peterson a good amount of love: Kyatchi, Barbette, and Nightingale restaurants, Cook, as well as the locally-sourced king (now shuttered) Heartland Restaurant, and stores such as Cooks of Crocus Hill, have sourced Limousin beef to save hungry customers a trip out to the country. Keep an eye out next time you’re out to dinner.

You can also buy in bulk from their website if you like what you see/taste.

It’s nice to know that about 45 minutes outside of the Twin Cities, less than the length of a Game of Thrones episode, you can leave the city behind and be surrounded by nothing by countryside. You can forget all about the hustle and bustle of the streets and sidewalks. And while you’re out there, you can get quality, grass-fed beef straight from the source. We salute that as well.

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