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The Twin Cities Top 10 Thai Restaurants

When it comes to Thai food in the Twin Cities, Minneapolis doesn't stand a chance against St. Paul (and only a few places in California maybe have a chance in a battle against our...

Minnesota-Grown Black Truffles Might Be Possible as a Result of Climate Change

Scientists from the University of Cambridge have grown black truffles in the inoculated soil of Monmouthshire, Wales. This, admittedly, is much more temperate than Minnesota, but is still by far the furthest...
The 9 restaurants that turned St. Paul into a food city

10 restaurants that turned St. Paul into a food city

We have always loved St. Paul. Unashamedly so. While Minneapolis was looking down on its twin with an air of superiority, St. Paul just kept on being St. Paul - a little weird sometimes,...
The 5 grocery delivery services in the Twin Cities you should know about

The 5 grocery delivery services in the Twin Cities you should know about

Too busy to go grocery shopping, or just plain hate it? You're not alone. But there are other options: Eat out every meal, live off of freeze-dried emergency food packets, or, drum roll please, have...
Addressing the misogyny and "machismo" of the restaurant industry

Statements: Addressing the misogyny and “machismo” of the restaurant industry

As the number of powerful men under fire for sexual misconduct, harassment, rape, continues to grow, it was only a matter of time before the issue was addressed within the restaurant industry. And while...

Thanksgiving: Fun Facts by the Numbers

If you would have asked me how I was going to spend my morning, I wouldn’t have answered, "Doing an in-depth analysis of U.S. Census reports." That is indeed how I spent...
Food Substitutions: Sugar, salt, fat, gluten, eggs, and more

Food Substitutions: Sugar, Salt, Fat, Gluten, Eggs, & More

Whether you have food allergies, intolerances, or simply want/need to avoid certain foods, it can be a challenge knowing which foods to substitute or how much to swap out for another. Following...

Sweet Treats and Superheroes: Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store is a Must-See

With Halloween just days away, we all definitely have candy on the brain. The National Retail Federation expects shoppers to spend $2.6 billion on Halloween candy. That’s a lot of Snickers. And us Minnesotans...
A better cut: Peterson Limousin Beef | Twin Cities Agenda

A Better Cut: Peterson Farms’ Limousin Beef

On a small farm tucked away deep in the St. Croix River Valley, an unassuming farm house sits in the midst of green fields, blue skies, and herds of cows resting in...
restaurants for romance, Twin Cities Agenda

The Twin Cities’ Top 10 Restaurants for Romance

The idea that romance is something that can be catered to is nothing new. We drink, we dine, and we do these things so much better when we're with the people we love. Anniversaries and...