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TeaSource: The best place to drink and shop for tea in Minnesota

TeaSource: The best place to drink and shop for tea in Minnesota

If you’re a tea drinker in Minneapolis, you’re in luck: We have the best place to buy the best tea right here in our neighborhood with TeaSource. I would go so far as to...

What your palate has been missing: Bar Brigade

The decor is minimalistic; a dark interior that reminds someone of sinking within themselves. When you walk in you reach the bar, just a small counter, excessive bottles to give you comfort that any...

Recipe of the Week: Orzo with roasted Brussels sprouts, baby tomatoes and dill

The dish is creamy, salty, hearty, nutty and tasting of late summer. Eat this for lunch or as a side with fish, chicken, or pork. Orzo with Brussels sprouts, baby tomatoes and dill  Yield: 4 servings Ingredients: 2c...

Recipe of the Week: Boo’s Grilled Pork Loin

I've been trying to pull this one together now for a few months. This is an old recipe from a restaurant in Minneapolis called Chez Bananas, where a friend of mine was one of...

Looking for local produce? New Minnesota Grown directory has you covered

You're looking for a farmers market in your area - looking for some locally grown produce straight from the hardworking Minnesotans who grew it. Google can't always help you sort through the madness of...