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Just the tip(s): A chef’s secret to perfect meat

I'm not one to use store bought seasoning mixes, and, until recently I hadn't used many dried herbs or spices. I always wanted that "fresh" and "from scratch" flavor. I did, that is, until...

The Minnesota State Fair unveils its newest and craziest foods

The countdown has begun. We’re officially less than 60 days away from the great Minnesota get-together. And, unsurprisingly, the 2018 Minnesota State Fair has exceeded expectations and brought us some truly incredible foods for...
St. Paul's Revival is the best BBQ in Minnesota

St. Paul’s Revival is the best BBQ in Minnesota

Food & Wine Magazine, according to their latest "The Best BBQ in Every State," thinks the St. Paul location of Revival is the best place to get barbecue in Minnesota. F&W's foodists took the time to...

Recipe of the Week: Quinoa with Edamame, Basil and Lime

Quinoa is been cultivated in South America for over 7,000 years. This ancient grain has all essential amino acids and proteins to sustain human life. I love it: It's one of those foods that...

Recipe: Beer cheese soup with spiced popcorn, bacon, and more beer

Is there ever a bad time for beer cheese soup? Not when you can make it yourself. This simple recipe captures the addictingly-rich flavor, the oh-so-smooth texture (with a perfect crunch from the popcorn),...