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restaurants for romance, Twin Cities Agenda

The Twin Cities’ Top 10 Restaurants for Romance

The idea that romance is something that can be catered to is nothing new. We drink, we dine, and we do these things so much better when we're with the people we love. Anniversaries and...
TeaSource: The best place to drink and shop for tea in Minnesota

TeaSource: The best place to drink and shop for tea in Minnesota

If you’re a tea drinker in Minneapolis, you’re in luck: We have the best place to buy the best tea right here in our neighborhood with TeaSource. I would go so far as to...

About Us: Pastry Chef Alexandra Motz

Alexandra Motz is the pastry sous chef at the North Loop's renowned and nationally-lauded Spoon and Stable. With that high level of pressure, and high-stakes playing at a restaurant where perfection is expected night in...
The Twin Cities Agenda Guide to the Best Bars in Minneapolis

The Twin Cities Agenda Guide to the Best Bars in Minneapolis

The Best Bars in Minneapolis, MN A bar, as a social gathering place, serves many functions: For entertainment, for commiseration, for relaxation, for escape. And the drinks served...
What to eat when you're under the weather, Twin Cities Agenda

What to eat when you’re under the weather

Broth is the common cure for almost anything which ails you.  At least that’s my go to.  We all know grandmas have been taking care of business with their homemade soups and broths since...
An afternoon spent on St. Anthony Main

An afternoon spent on St. Anthony Main

The sun is shining. It’s a sunny 67 degrees, with a light breeze coming off the Mississippi River. I am on the patio at Vic’s Restaurant (201 Main St. SE). It’s the end of April...

How have we survived this long without KFC’s fried chicken bath bombs?

Today in "Things that don't matter and probably shouldn't exist," we're reporting on KFC's new fried chicken-shaped-and-scented bath bombs. They look like this: And are the result of a collaboration between Louisville-based Kentucky Fried Chicken, and...
Sushi in the Twin Cities

Sushi in the Twin Cities

Good fish, better rice. Sushi is still one of the best meals to share with a group of friends and family (or strangers, for that matter), and the landlocked Twin Cities are getting better...

Wisconsin sets new world record for the largest cheese board

It’s no secret that Wisconsoners love cheese. Not only have they embraced the cheesehead moniker and proudly wear foam cheese as hats, but as “America’s Dairyland” Wisconsin also leads the nation in cheese production...

5 of the Twin Cities’ best local coffee shops

Most of us don’t need an excuse to drink coffee. And frankly, it seems to be a much-needed life source in the morning so we can somewhat function properly throughout the day. But if...