The Best Craft Breweries in Northeast Minneapolis

The Best Craft Breweries in Northeast Minneapolis

The Northeast Minneapolis neighborhood has seen an explosion of growth in both business and residential sectors recently. It’s a neighborhood that has an industrial aesthetic, but a big-city vibe that has become the craft brew lover’s haven in the Twin Cities.

You’ll find some of the Minnesota’s best breweries in this NE corner of Minneapolis, so we’ve taken the time to outline your next brewery tour guide when you’ve got a free weekend (or two).

1. Dangerous Man Brewing Co.

dangerous man brewery
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Founder Rob Miller had been home brewing for a decade when he decided to open this iconic NE Mpls brewery. It is a taproom-only brewery but with growing demand over the past few years, they had to take over an additional 1,600 square foot building just to be able to produce enough for its taproom and growler sales. But you won’t find their Chocolate Milk Stout or Peanut Butter porter anywhere but this area of the city. Make sure to make this a must-stop destination for the area.

1300 2nd St NE –

2. Indeed Brewing Company

indeed brewing
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Located in the Solar Arts Building, Indeed offers a variety of now well known local brews such as Day Tripper Pale Ale and Let It Ride IPA. The taproom has a tavern like feel and out back you’ll find a patio buzzing with a crowd as soon as the snow melts. If you’re looking for a go to Northeast style craft brewery, Indeed is it.

711 15th Ave NE Ste 102 –

3. Bauhaus Brew Labs

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Nestled in the industrial section of northeast, Bauhaus boasts a large indoor tap room with games, music, and more along with an outdoor patio for the ages. With unique German inspired craft brews, from Wonderstuff to WagonParty to the SkyFive IPA, head over to Bauhaus for a one of a kind atmosphere.

1315 Tyler St NE –

4. 612 Brew

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Not just the zip code for the brewery, 612 Brew represents the Minneapolis area. You’ll find them located in a stone block historic building just off Central Ave. They’re known for their flagship pale ale, Six, but also offer a host of beautifully crafted beers. When it’s nice out, their patio offers a great place to hang out with friends, and even is home to local musicians performing.

945 Broadway St NE –

5. Insight Brewing

insight brewing
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The list of brews at Insight is inspired by places around the globe. Each beer has its own tale and backstory. You can taste their citrusy IPA, An Obstruction on the Troll Way, to their session ale, The Return of the Lambton Dragon. And their seasonal beer list is stocked as well with brews like No Light Escapes the Gravity Well, their imperial stout with flavors of coffee and fruit melded together.

2821 East Hennepin Ave –

6. Fair State Brewing Cooperative

fairstate coop brewery
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Opening in 2014 in a small space on Central Ave, Fair State quickly reached its brewing capacity and is now moving their brewing operations to the St Paul area, but its roots will remain in the NE neighborhood. The brewery is owned by its members and and its base has been doubling year after year since opening (One of the driving forces behind the brewery’s growth).

While Fair State does have its well own lagers and ales, it has become specifically known for its very popular sour beers like their Roselle and Bricoleur sours. Their NE location will focus on the continued production of the sours moving forward.

2506 Central Ave NE –

7. Able Seedhouse & Brewery

able brewery
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One of the newest craft breweries to open in the area, Able has been quite a success. Their focus is on “connecting the farm to the brewery”. They are focused on using locally grown seed & grain for their brewing process – a whole new mindset for the industry.  You’ll find a variety of craft beers, most notably the incredibly creamy BLK WLF Stout.

1121 Quincy St NE –

8. Northgate Brewing

northgate brewing
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Northgate gives off the feel of an English pub — because that’s exactly what they’re going for. You’ll find British inspired beers here that aren’t your average craft beer. From their English brown ale, pub ales, to the “Fiddle Smasher”, a Scottish Wee Heavy, you won’t be disappointed. Take a seat in front of the futbol game and grab a pint next time you’re in the area.

783 Harding St NE –

9. Sociable Cider Werks

sociable cider works
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Within the heart of the NE Minneapolis brewery scene, Sociable Cider Werks operates as the only one that specializes in cider making. While you’ll find the common IPA here, you’ll also get dryer and crisp cider offerings that you won’t find anywhere else. Make sure to check out their Hoppy cider called Hop-A-Wheelie or their spring seasonal Burnout Habenero Cucumber cider.

1500 Fillmore St NE –

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