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No Kill Shelter in Minnesota, Twin Cities Agenda

No-Kill Shelters in Minnesota

There are many options for finding a new four-legged friend, from the Humane Society to working with a breeder directly. A new trend starting to heat up is heading to a no-kill...

The State of Mental Health in Minnesota

The conversation surrounding mental health has recently shined its spotlight on Minnesota. But not, unfortunately, for a good reason. Apparently, our state is quite depressed: According to a recent study conducted by...
A business closed due to bankruptcy after coronavirus

Bankruptcy in the Time of Coronavirus

These are uncertain times we're living in - life during the coronavirus pandemic offers unique challenges for all of us. This is especially true for those looking to file for bankruptcy: Whether it's...

From St. Paul to Montana by Train

We take the train west from Union Depot in St. Paul through North Dakota into Montana. We stop in Glacier National Park for a three-day hike and then continue the journey through...
Don't send nudes: "Sextortion" on the rise, with dire consequences

Rising Rates of “Sextortion” Cause for Concern

Sexting is on the rise. And, like any activity that has at-least a million people engaging in it on a day-to-day basis, so is the level of crime linked...

City and Nature Side-by-Side in St. Paul

St. Paul's Lowertown is one of the best examples of past and present standing shoulder to shoulder. It's a historic district, by designation, and yet the influx of fresh businesses; burgeoning nightlife,...

Now India (7 Minutes to Sunrise)

The first sounds of the morning are of tuk-tuk and taxi engines as they come to life, their honking horns alongside the footsteps of the city's informal working class taking to the...
Opinion: Nothing easy about discussing guns

Opinion: There’s nothing easy about discussing guns

This is a topic that has always been, and seemingly always will be, controversial: From the 2nd amendment's staunch "right to bear arms" supporters, to mad-men massacres of the innocent, to children killing themselves with...
Moving is the worst, Twin Cities Agenda

Changing Your Address

Your entire life can fit inside a moving truck. Everything you've ever owned tucked away in cardboard boxes. Finding all those socks that you thought you lost. Then they'll go missin again; so many socks...

That’s all for humans: Google’s DeepMind AI is crushing pro gamers

Humans had a good run as caretakers of the planet (for better, or, as many would argue, for worse), but our time is slowly drawing to a close: This week, humanity took one step...
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