The November Project

courtesy of Minneapolis November Project

We’ve had our first snowfall, and it has taken all of my willpower not to completely succumb to my natural state and show up to work wrapped in the comforter from my bed. Between the cold, the leftover holiday treats, and my increasing Netflix addiction, the excuses come more easily to stay indoors and idle. But one group in Minnesota is challenging that impulse to retreat into hermit mode during the coming winter months:

Minnesota is once again taking part in the November Project.

With roots stemming from Boston, the November Project has spread across the country, and the world, to inspire runners and non-runners alike to stay in shape during the cold winter months.

The November Project has formed tribes in each of its cities that support and motivate each other to hit the snow-covered pavement and absolutely everyone is encouraged to participate in the runs no matter your age, size, or fitness ability. Certainly, with the frigid winters here, it is even more imperative to have a supportive community to give you that extra push out the door. And that push comes at 6:27 in the morning. Every Wednesday at 6:27am, the Minneapolis tribe meets near the Mill City Museum on top of the Gold Medal Hill bright and early. Though it seems the tribe feels one frigid morning is not nearly enough, so they schedule a run each Friday as well meeting at different locations around the cities. They post on their Facebook page the times, locations, and any additional runs throughout the week.

courtesy of Minneapolis November Project

You can run with the Minneapolis tribe simply by showing up at the scheduled time and location. There’s no cost and no sign up. Whether you’re a marathoner, an athlete, or a complete novice who has reluctantly left the warmth and comfort of your couch, you can join this welcoming community that provides a sense of accountability and endless support. The running sessions are adaptable and, despite what you might initially think, the workouts are not designed to slowly kill you. The tribe is there to energize you and push you towards constant progress and improvement. You can immerse yourself even more by signing up for their free fitness tracker to follow other runners here in Minnesota and all around the globe who participate in the November Project promoting the feeling of community, camaraderie, and friendly competition.

courtesy of Minneapolis November Project

You can join in the Minneapolis tribe’s cry and “Rise up, layer up, and show up!” They don’t want you to overthink it. You have the chance to explore the city from a new vantage point and partake in a global movement while bettering yourself along the way.

With no cost or gym membership, even I might consider putting away my cozy comforter and getting a jump on my annual New Year’s resolution to finally get in shape and just maybe, with the support of an entire tribe, I’ll actually keep it this year.

Check out the Minneapolis November Project website and their Facebook page for more details!

courtesy of Minneapolis November Project

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