Revisiting Minnesota Fireworks Laws

fireworks laws mn

The 4th of July is upon us and we all know what that means: Fireworks.

Fireworks are everywhere. For the week preceding the 4th and even afterwards, all of us in the Twin Cities can attest to the constant barrage of fireworks going off around the area. And the majority of these are just ordinary citizens launching from their backyards.

As much fun as this is, it can have serious consequences here in the state of Minnesota. Here’s a quick overview of what our state laws allow for when it comes to lighting off different types of fireworks.

Minnesota has some of strict fireworks laws compared to our neighbors in Wisconsin where it has been legal to possess and use many types of exploding fireworks. Aerial and exploding fireworks are still considered illegal to possess and use in Minnesota. This includes such well known firework types as:

While it may seem easy enough for some to head over the border and purchase fireworks in neighboring Wisconsin, be aware that the Minnesota Department of Public Safety can assess fines up to $3,000 if caught possessing or using illegal fireworks when bringing back to Minnesota.

What is legal

Although many aerial and exploding fireworks are considered illegal in Minnesota, there are many examples of fireworks that are now legal since 2012 to sell, possess, and use.

This includes:

  • Sparklers
  • Cone Fountains
  • Ground Spinners
  • Wheels
  • Flitter Sparkler
  • Flash/Strobes
  • Snakes
  • Snappers
  • Many other novelty items

This is just a gentle reminder that if you are using aerial or exploding fireworks of any kind in our state, you can get in trouble for it. So be safe out there and follow the rules.

Happy Fourth Everyone! If you need a great list of places to see the fireworks around the Twin Cities, check out our article on the subject.