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Hybrid Cars: Environmental blessing or ticking time bomb?

I have a family member who scoffs when they see a Toyota Prius, or a Nissan Leaf, or any car with the hybrid badge on it drive by. Every time one went scooting by, they...

Does fashion have a lasting impact on society?

While the fashion industry is often seen as vapid - as superficial to the point of parody (and it often is parodied), its cultural contributions cannot be denied: Fashion is a reflection...
15 New Slang Terms for 2019 Explained

15 New Slang Terms Explained

If you’re planning on using the internet at all this year, or conversing with someone under the age of 35, you’ll want to take a gander at this list of the newest slang terms...
No Kill Shelter in Minnesota, Twin Cities Agenda

No-Kill Shelters in Minnesota

There are many options for finding a new four-legged friend, from the Humane Society to working with a breeder directly. A new trend starting to heat up is heading to a no-kill shelter: These...
Downtown vs. Downtown: A look at Minneapolis and St. Paul

Downtown vs. Downtown: A look at Minneapolis and St. Paul

Two cities. Two distinctly different downtowns, only 10 miles apart. There are those who would call for the two cities to simply merge and be done with it. Even...
Anthony Bourdain

A Tribute to Anthony Bourdain

At Twin Cities Agenda, one of our main focuses of writing is on local food and drink. Good food and drink, hopefully, generally, and, at its best, it's writing that also discusses the importance...

The secret all cities can learn from Albert Lea, Minnesota

Albert Lea lies about 90 miles south of the Twin Cities, and, as a quiet city with a population of around 18,000, probably isn’t often on your radar, and probably doesn’t come to mind...

Freeganism: Living free in Minnesota

To freegans, the world is ripe for the picking. And there is no price tag on it. It's an open, affirming way to live, and, as the name somewhat obviously implies, it's free. So, what...

Minnesota’s Creepiest Legends

There’s nothing better than a good ghost story to set the mood for Halloween. You don’t have to search far, as Minnesota is no stranger to the weird and mysterious. Gather your friends and...
coolest things you can buy on Minneapolis Craigslist

The 9 most fascinating things you can buy on Minneapolis Craigslist

Craigslist is just one of those things that never ceases to amaze. It's so versatile. Tickets, trinkets, home rentals -- if you can think of it, you can probably get it on Craigslist. Don't...
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