Net neutrality’s latest champion is… Burger King?


Net Neutrality was repealed this past December, and remains a hot topic as average citizens like you and me fight to keep our internet free and open.

(Briefly: Net neutrality keeps all internet sites neutral; i.e. one site loads just as quickly as the next and no corporation is allowed to interfere for profit. Repealing net neutrality would allow internet service providers (ISPs, e.g. Comcast and Verizon) to push traffic towards some websites, slow down traffic to others, and even block access at whim.)

Well, not just you and me: Apparently, we now have Burger King in our corner after their latest net neutrality-inspired commercial, called “Whopper Neutrality,” aired for the first time earlier today.

The commercial finds the fast food giant illustrating what it would be like to have paid prioritization (what will most likely happen to the internet without NN regulations) in their stores: We watch as employees force customers to wait longer periods of time before getting their food, unless they pay (a considerable amount) extra to get their meals quickly.

The commercial, ultimately, shows a different-industry parallel to ISPs prioritizing online content that they have a stake in – Verizon making you wait longer for Netflix, for example, unless you pay (a considerable amount) extra to stream.

It’s a fairly hilarious and entertaining take on the issue (much more so, certainly, than FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, the man responsible for dismantling NN’s: Watch Ajit Pai embarrass himself on the very platform he’s looking to extort)

Watch “Whopper Neutrality” below:

This isn’t the first time The King has taken on important social issues through their promos: They released a pretty hard-hitting anti-bullying PSA last October in which they punched their own burgers in the face to make a point.

It’s good to be the king.

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