Ride the Super Slide at CHS Field (and other places to sled)

Photo by Michal Janek, @michalmichal

With the Super Bowl just around the corner, Minnesota is pulling out all the stops to showcase the ‘Bold North’ mantra and convince the rest of the country that we’re not completely insane for choosing to live here. The Saint Paul Saints have joined in the fun and festivities, hoping to tempt both visitors and locals alike out from under their blankets and into the winter wonderland with their newest attraction: the Super Slide.

Built right on CHS Field, you’ll have to make the trek up to the stadium’s second deck for the thrill of shooting down the 40-foot tall and 130-foot long Super Slide. The Super Slide features two tracks for you and your buddies to slide in tandem while launching you onto the snowy field. All you need to do is bring yourself: They provide rubber inner tubes for all intended sliding fun. Though, if you do need a breather from the snow-slide thrills, you can partake in other fun snow activities on the field including an ice fishing pond and a warming zone with food and beverages.

You can ride the Super Slide January 25th through February 10th and enjoy an hour of unlimited rides costing $10 for adults and $5 for kids (12 and under).

However, if you’re still itching for more sliding thrills after your Super Slide exploit, or if you’d rather avoid the Super Bowl frenzy altogether, you’re in luck: Minnesota boasts endless snowy sledding hills for all-day fun. And while it’s easy to venture into your backyard to sled, try exploring the parks in the Three Rivers Park District: You’re usually guaranteed safer and better-quality sledding conditions, with groomed hills and plenty of fresh snow to catch you when you fall.

So, as difficult as it was with the plethora of snowy hill choices, I narrowed down some of my favorite sledding hills around the Twin Cities for you to launch yourself down over, and over, and over again.

Baker Park Sledding Hill

Located in Maple Plain with 2,700 acres of beautiful vista on Lake Independence, you can either walk a few trails or head right to the sledding hill. You’ll gain access to the sledding hill from the cross-country chalet where you can take breaks to thaw out from the cold with cocoa and refuel with plenty of snacks. This groomed sledding hill provides loads of room for you to catapult down though be prepared because this hill is steeper so you’ll be sure to gain plenty of momentum.

Carver Park Sledding Hill

You’ll find this thrilling sledding hill just a short walk from Carver Park’s Lowry Nature Center. To guarantee a good time you’ll want to bring your own sled as only a limited number of sleds are available for rent. You can also rent a kicksled (a chair mounted to a small sled, similar to a dogsled, to slide across the ice and snow) for a completely new sledding experience.

French Regional Park Sledding Hill

One of my personal favorites growing up, you’ll easily spot the steep sledding hill driving into the park. You are able to rent sleds from the visitor center for only $1 and can always return to the comfort of the center to warm up with hot drinks and plenty of concessions. You can also partake in French Park’s ‘Under the Full Moon’ kicksled program where you soon won’t forget the magic of exploring the park at night under the stars on a kicksled.

Highland Park in St. Paul (behind the water tower)

You’ll have a great time on this hill with its moderate slopes that are perfect for all ages. Because this sledding hill is not part of the Three Rivers Park District you’re able expand beyond the traditional sled and bring your own snow tubes and saucers to coast down the hill in style.

Be sure to check out the Three Rivers Park District website before you go to see updates on sledding hill conditions.