Watch Ajit Pai embarrass himself on the very platform he’s looking to extort


If you haven’t heard about the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality regulations, which keep the internet open to everyone (and keeps it exactly the way it is today), then you haven’t been using the internet and the repeal probably doesn’t affect you anyway.

(if you’ve simply missed it and would like to learn more, read this: The loss of net neutrality means the loss of internet freedom)

But for everyone who has been paying attention, the repeal of net neutrality is a gut-wrenchingly powerful example of what happens when money and control for a few faceless, billion-dollar corporations is placed ahead of the wants and needs of millions upon millions of Americans.

But Ajit Pai, the FCC Chairman appointed by Trump and the mastermind behind the plan to give your internet freedom to ISPs (like Verizon, his good friends & former employers), still thinks he can win you over.

Watch, laugh, cringe at Pai’s attempt to sell his agenda by using pop culture references like “‘gram your food” while holding fidget spinners, dancing with light sabers, and making a general fool out of himself to prove just how out of touch he really is.

To be clear: This is the chairman of a government agency making fun of the United States population upset with the fact that he is in the process of infringing upon our First Amendment rights. This is a government-paid-for video designed to mock its own people.

To be clear: This is propaganda. And insulting propaganda at that.

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