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Nasa returns to the moon in stylevideo

Watch: NASA returns to the moon in style

"We’ve taken giant leaps and left our mark in the heavens. Now we’re building the next chapter, returning to the Moon to stay, and preparing to go beyond. We are NASA – and after...
Where Minnesota ranks among the most stressed-out states in the US

How stressed is Minnesota? Here’s where we rank, and why

Stress affects everyone: It creeps into every aspect of our lives and is now considered to be one of the biggest hazards to our health and well-being. Stress has been steadily on the rise...
Diabetes Awareness Now | Twin Cities Agenda

Diabetes Awareness Now

More than 30 million people have diabetes, and an additional 84 million have prediabetes in the United States. This is according to the most recent report from the American Diabetes Association (2017). Worldwide, there...
Blue Wave in Minnesota

Democrats celebrate “Blue Wave” in Minnesota

The "Blue Wave" that Democrats hoped would sweep through all levels of government wasn't quite as large as they hoped - while the party in blue did retake the House of Representatives for the...
Government layers: Understanding Twin Cities government, from the outside to the inside

Democrat Tim Walz leads Republican Jeff Johnson in Statewide Student Mock Election

Election day is nearly here. Not only is it the one day where adults can be unapologetically excited about wearing stickers, it is of course, the day we select who represents us and runs...
Are memes bad for your health? New data says yes, by Twin Cities Agenda

Are memes bad for your health? New study says yes

Memes are seen as a zeitgeist that defines the tumultuous world of today - their relevance often rooted in current events and social stigmas. They are, however, not that new at all: The term was first...
Don't send nudes: "Sextortion" on the rise, with dire consequences

“Sextortion” is on the rise, with dire consequences

Sexting has become an increasingly common activity. And, like any activity that has at least a million people engaging in it on a day-to-day basis, so is the level of crime linked to the...
Be responsible with the internet, by Twin Cities Agenda

Be responsible with the internet

The internet has made information accessible to almost everyone. We now turn to social media to get our news, as platforms like Twitter and Facebook are often the quickest way to get information when...
Brewing excellence: 12 Minnesota breweries win awards at the 2018 Great American Beer Festival

Brewing excellence: 12 Minnesota breweries win medals at the 2018 Great American Beer Festival

Minnesota took home the gold (and silver, and bronze) at this year’s 37th annual Great American Beer Festival (GABF), held each year in Denver. This is basicall the Olympics for American brewers, and the...
A farewell to Kelly's means the end of an era, by Twin Cities Agenda

A farewell to Kelly’s means the end of an era

We were recently watching the 2005 film adaptation of Bukowski's famous Factotum, starring Matt Dillon, Marisa Tomei, and Lili Taylor. Much of the film was shot right here in St. Paul, specifically in the downtown...
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