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Saturday, December 2, 2023
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ACLU Minnesota has a new leader

After 20 years of leading the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota (ACLU-MN) Charles Samuelson retired this last February. His replacement in the role of Executive Director will be John Gordon. Gordon primarily worked...

Oct. 25 is officially Wellstone Remembrance Day

Paul Wellstone, the popular US Senator from Eveleth, Minnesota, died fifteen years ago, today. His loss is still felt across the state. As of this morning, October 25 will forever be known in Minnesota...
Government layers: Understanding Twin Cities government, from the outside to the inside

Democrat Tim Walz leads Republican Jeff Johnson in Statewide Student Mock Election

Election day is nearly here. Not only is it the one day where adults can be unapologetically excited about wearing stickers, it is of course, the day we select who represents us and runs...
You're an @sshole: Being "right" in the digital age

Arguing Online: Being “Right” in the Digital Age

The Digital Age is the current period of human history: We’ve moved from the industry-based society of the Industrial Revolution to a focus on computerizing information and creating a more knowledge-based society.

Net neutrality’s latest champion is… Burger King?

Net Neutrality was repealed this past December, and remains a hot topic as average citizens like you and me fight to keep our internet free and open. (Briefly: Net neutrality keeps all internet sites neutral; i.e....

Protest site visitor information sought by federal prosecutors

Federal prosecutors are looking for the courts to force DreamHost, Inc., a web-hosting company, to give them information about anyone and everyone who visited an anti-Trump protest website. The website, disruptj20.org, was a hub for...
video man punched by security guard

Video: Minneapolis police officer stands by as handcuffed man is punched in the face

The Minneapolis Police Department is taking some flack for a video that was posted on Facebook this past weekend. In the video, a Minneapolis police officer is seen hovering over a handcuffed man lying...

GOP candidate leaving governor’s race

The race to replace Mark Dayton as governor in next year's election has one less contestant. Blake Huffman, a republican currently serving as Ramsey County Commissioner, is looking to instead focus his energies on Journey Home,...
Blue Wave in Minnesota

Democrats celebrate “Blue Wave” in Minnesota

The "Blue Wave" that Democrats hoped would sweep through all levels of government wasn't quite as large as they hoped - while the party in blue did retake the House of Representatives for the...

Watch Ajit Pai embarrass himself on the very platform he’s looking to extort

If you haven't heard about the FCC's repeal of net neutrality regulations, which keep the internet open to everyone (and keeps it exactly the way it is today), then you haven't been using the...