Time to care: These watches will help end gun violence in conflict zones

Time to care, Twin Cities Agenda

Linking fashion looks with humanitarian acts is nothing new. Shoe company Tom’s, for example, has offered footwear and glasses to communities in need for years.

But a new venture is taking a more hands-on approach to the model: A collaboration between Swedish watchmaker TRIWA and the Humanium Metal Initiative looks to produce a line of stylish watches that will, hopefully, also help curb gun violence in conflict zones around the world.

Time to care, Twin Cities Agenda

Currently racking up $$ for support on Kickstarter (sitting now at $114,911), the watches are made with Humanium Metal, which comes from deconstructed illegal firearms that have been confiscated from the streets of the world’s most dangerous places. A portion of the profits are then donated back to those same communities.

Watch their promo video below:

“Our new line of watches is crafted from Humanium Metal, a material that is made from destructed illegal firearms. The result? A watch crafted with the utmost care that carries a strong symbolic value and contributes to rebuilding conflict torn societies.

At TRIWA, we have developed watches for over ten years with the goal of transforming the industry. With our Humanium Metal watches we’ll be taking this transformation to the next level by creating watches from the metal of destructed illegal firearms. With your help, we will make a contribution in the fight against armed violence.”

The watches come in two sizes: 34mm or 39mm. They’re also incredibly well-made, which means they’ll last awhile and won’t end up in the landfill anytime soon: The Humanium Metal has been molded into one, solid piece with scratch-resistant sapphire glass for the face.

While supporting a project that supports societies in need is a good look on its own, having the slickest watch on the block isn’t a bad bonus.

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