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Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Out of tragedy comes Little Alan’s Law

On the evening of January 26, 2018, at around 8:00pm, the Geisenkoetter family were setting up a canvas ice house on a Minnesota lake. The ice house was being set up next to their extended...
Advertising Agency, Minnesota, Twin Cities Agenda

Minnesota will change its advertising agency on July 1st

With our many lakes, deep, unending forests, and rich history, Minnesota brings in about 70 million domestic and international visitors every year. Tourism is a $15 billion industry in Minnesota, and is a key sector...

Could Minnesota swing red in the next election?

For most people in the state of Minnesota, the idea of this state swinging red for the presidential election is an impossibility: With progressive ideals firmly ingrained in the Twin Cities (with a seemingly...
Time to care, Twin Cities Agenda

Time to care: These watches will help end gun violence in conflict zones

Linking fashion looks with humanitarian acts is nothing new. Shoe company Tom's, for example, has offered footwear and glasses to communities in need for years. But a new venture is taking a more hands-on approach...

MN Budget Battle: What went wrong?

We've all had to fight over money at some point in our lives, whether your brother or sister owing you ten bucks or trying to decide with a significant other what to spend your savings...
Orange Cones and Flashing Lights: Current MNDOT Projects

Orange Cones and Flashing Lights: Current MNDOT Projects

Constant brake lights and drivers using colorful language can only mean one thing for Minnesota: It's construction season. Lane closures, lane mergers, orange cones and flashing lights are popping up all over Minnesota right...