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Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Orange Cones and Flashing Lights: Current MNDOT Projects

Orange Cones and Flashing Lights: Current MNDOT Projects

Constant brake lights and drivers using colorful language can only mean one thing for Minnesota: It's construction season. Lane closures, lane mergers, orange cones and flashing lights are popping up all over Minnesota right...
Trump Maternity Leave Policy: An Unfinished Puzzle

Trump Maternity Leave Policy: An Unfinished Puzzle

Welcoming a child into the world is an already stressful situation for most people; before that little bundle of joy can be welcomed into your life there are many questions that must be answered, precautions...
GOP shakeup, Twin Cities Agenda

GOP shakeup: Jennifer Carnahan elected state chair

A surprising move looks to change the face the Republican Party in Minnesota: Jennifer Carnahan is now Minnesota's GOP chair. Carnahan, a Maple Grove native, worked in marketing and strategy for companies like Ecolab, General Mills, and...

Could Minnesota swing red in the next election?

For most people in the state of Minnesota, the idea of this state swinging red for the presidential election is an impossibility: With progressive ideals firmly ingrained in the Twin Cities (with a seemingly...
Twin Cities Government Layers, Twin Cities Agenda

Government Layers: Understanding Twin Cities Government from Outside In

Government in Minnesota, especially in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, has multiple layers that can produce watery-eyed confusion unless you know how to target the right person or office when things go...
Why Minnesota roads are the way they are

Do they drop bombs here? Why Minnesota roads are the way they are

If you have lived in Minnesota for any amount of time, you have eventually come to the realization that there are only really two seasons here: The first season is called survival, aka winter,...

The Minnesota fight against female genital mutilation

By now you've probably heard about the two 7-year-old girls who were taken by their parents to Michigan for "surgery" and instead had their clitoral skin removed by Dr. Jumana Nagarwala (allegedly). The response from the...
smoking age mn

Edina Passes Increase on Smoking Age. Who’s Next?

Earlier this month, the city of Edina, MN got the votes it needed to increase the age to buy cigarettes in the city from 18 to 21. They are the first city to do so in...

MN Budget Battle: What went wrong?

We've all had to fight over money at some point in our lives, whether your brother or sister owing you ten bucks or trying to decide with a significant other what to spend your savings...
mn no fault laws

Navigating Minnesota Car Insurance Laws

Insurance can be confusing, there's no doubt about that. A few years back I worked for a widely-known car insurance company in the claims department, and boy did I see and hear it all from...