Recipe of the Week: Curry Yogurt Chicken


This recipe is best if the chicken can sit on the marinade for 24 hours. If you are in a pinch, though, 4 hours left at room temperature will do just fine.

Curry Yogurt Chicken                                                yield: 4 servings


8ea chicken thighs, bone in/skin on

1c full fat Greek yogurt

1ea lemon, juiced

1ea lime, juiced

1T dill, chopped fresh

2T curry powder

2t cayenne

TT sea salt



Day before:

Season chicken thighs with salt. Set aside.

Place the remainder of the ingredients into a non-reactive mixing bowl and whisk thoroughly. Pour over chicken and rub them down so each piece of the chicken is encased in the yogurt marinade. Cover with plastic film and place in refrigerator overnight.

Day of:

Preheat grill to 400F, or oven to 425F

If using the grill, turn heat down to 325F and generously oil the grates. Place chicken skin side up and rotate every 7-8mins until internal temperature has reached 165F.  Wait until the last rotation to sear skin. This will get the skin rendering and cause less flare ups and less sticking when cooking skin side.

If using the oven, place chicken 2”-3” a part on a wire rack on top of a sheet tray. Cook in oven at 425F until chicken is golden brown and internal temperature reaches 165F.


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