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how to sell your car on craigslist

How To Sell Your Car on Craigslist: The Ultimate Guide

Whether it's right here in Minnesota, or any other state, here's the insider's tips on the best way to sell you car, Craigslist-style: Craigslist is an incredibly popular place...
WhatsApp and their incredible disappearing messages

WhatsApp and their incredible disappearing messages

Taking a page out of Snapchat's playbook and embracing a more temporary option for messaging, WhatsApp will now allow users to delete messages after they've sent them. They've been testing for most of the past...
The 5 grocery delivery services in the Twin Cities you should know about

The 5 grocery delivery services in the Twin Cities you should know about

Too busy to go grocery shopping, or just plain hate it? You're not alone. But there are other options: Eat out every meal, live off of freeze-dried emergency food packets, or, drum roll please, have...
Elon Musk's Minnesota connection, Twin Cities Agenda

Elon Musk’s Minnesota connection

Elon Musk, the popular billionaire and tech giant, recently stepped down from Trump advisory councils over the president's withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord. But more important than being a Trump adviser, Musk is...

Is it okay to have Airbnb sex?

The popularity of Airbnb is soaring. So much, in fact, that new regulations are being enacted in cities across the country including St. Paul and other cities right here in Minnesota (more on that...
A picture of the ombibulous logo for Twin Cities Agenda

SPOTLIGHT: Ombibulous in Northeast Minneapolis

"As for me, I am prepared to admit some merit in every alcoholic beverage ever devised... and drink them...

Shrimp farming in Minnesota? Yep, you betcha.

Listen up all seafood lovers, especially those of you that love the tasty bug of the sea known as shrimp: An enormous shrimping operation is about to hit Minnesota shores. Shores? What shores? Well, Minnesota may...

Altec, Inc facilities expanding in Duluth

We've all seen the big, typically beige trucks power companies use to reach the tops of power poles. You know, those childhood awe-inspiring trucks with the long cherry picker arm extending from the cab. Who...
Why St. Paul's push to become a tech hub isn't so farfetched

Why St. Paul’s push to become a tech hub isn’t so farfetched

Exposed brick lines the walls. Pipes hang high over desks covered in med-tech prototypes, white boards, and dozens of computer monitors and laptops. Coders and software engineers sit hunched in front of their screens,...
Aldi could soon face competition from Lidl, Twin Cities Agenda

A store we’ve grown to love will soon face some major competition

Aldi, the discount grocery store that we in the U.S. at first doubted but slowly grew to love, may soon face stiff competition from one of its most familiar competitors. Lidl (pronounced lee-dil), like...