Starbucks’ latest ploy? Plant-based cold brew beverages

Starbucks plant-based cold brew, Twin Cities Agenda

In an effort to appear environmentally-friendly, Starbucks recently placed a ban on plastic straws, and plans to have them out of their stores, all of their stores, by 2020. It makes sense, on some level, given that the city of Seattle (the home of Starbucks’ headquarters) banned their use a few months previous, and the act of removing straws has become environmentally en vogue for 2018.

The coffee giant’s next move? Jumping on the vegan, excuse us, plant-based train. The company announced today (8/14/2018) that it will offer a blended cold brew beverage made with plant-based proteins in stores across the United States – that is, as long as supplies last.

Consider it something of trial run. If people like it, it will assumedly be brought back on a more permanent basis.

According to their news release, “This beverage is inspired by our customers’ love for Starbucks Cold Brew and a growing interest in plant-based proteins.”

Buyers can choose from either the almond or the Cacao flavor – though, as they also mention on their site, there are plenty of ways to customize the drink to make it your own. Because 2018 is also about choices.

So, what exactly is in the beverage?

The drinks will be made up of Starbuck’s cold brew and plant-based proteins, a Banana Date Fruit Blend, and ice blended like a frappucino. The plant-based proteins will be made up of almond-blended flavor (including almond butter and almond milk) for one, and a mix of coconut milk and cacao powder for the other.

For those pushing for plant-based products to become the norm in society, it’s certainly a win to have the United States’ largest purveyor of food and beverages on your side.

A 16oz has 270 calories, and will cost you $5.95.

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