Warm Drinks to Keep You Toasty This Winter

Warm spiced drinks to keep you toasty this winter

I know it’s only the beginning of January, but, if we’re being honest, it feels like we’ve been in the midst of winter for 6 months or more. And with the temps dropping, one of the best ways to keep toasty warm is with some spiced and hot beverages that go beyond your standard hot cocoa and hot toddy. Granted, both of those are delicious — but if you’re ready to discover a different flavor and add something new to your repertoire, try one of these warming and tasty winter drinks.

For the Chocolate Lovers

You need your chocolate fix. I hear ya. But instead of the typical Swiss Miss, make your own more delicious version with perfected recipes from Italy and Mexico.

Cioccolata Calda

Cioccolata Calda is Italy’s answer to hot chocolate and it is absolutely delicious. This drink is thick and creamy and rich and feels as if you’re simply drinking melted chocolate. Chocolate lovers rejoice! The secret to this recipe is cornstarch – which creates the thickness and texture that will make you weak in the knees. Check out this recipe by My Sequined Life with a dairy-free and vegan option so everyone can enjoy this treat.


If straight-up drinking a cup of melted chocolate sounds too decadent for you, you can tone down the richness with this Aztec hot chocolate. Xocolatl stands out with its combination of real dark chocolate and spicy chili pepper. The bitterness of the dark chocolate and spiciness of the pepper will give your drink a bit of a bite and guarantee to keep you warm this winter. Make your own with this recipe from The Endless Meal.

For the Spirited and Spicy

If you like a little kick with your beverages, these spiced wines will, without a doubt, be added as one of your new go-to drinks.


Take a note from the Swedes and try this aromatic, sweet, spicy, and boozy drink. Filled with spices, Glögg combines red wine, orange zest, cardamon, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and more to keep you toasty and well, if you add some bourbon or vodka, maybe even a little toasted too. Concoct this tasty Swedish drink with a recipe from The Spruce Eats.


A traditional winter and holiday German drink, Glühwein is a delicious warm mulled wine. Infused with spices and flavors like nutmeg, vanilla bean, cinnamon, cloves, star anise, citrus, sugar, and red wine, Glühwein is perfect after a day outdoors whether you were skiing or simply running errands. Stay warm with this Glühwein recipe from Wishful Chef.

For the Health Conscious

It’s a new year and likely that means most of us, at the very least, make a cursory overhaul of our health and diet. And to help you keep your resolution for maybe a couple weeks longer than even you thought, here are some warm, delicious, and yes, healthy options.

Matcha Latte Tea

This Japanese green tea drink has exploded in popularity here in the states over the past few years. It’s a simple drink with few ingredients but tastes delicious and provides you with health benefits—antioxidants, boosts metabolism, lowers blood sugar, detoxifies, and it’s packed with nutrients. Start your day off with a matcha latte and try out this recipe from Tori Avey.

Golden Milk

This will not only be your new favorite way to warm up this winter, but a staple throughout the whole year simply for its taste and health benefits. Golden Milk is creamy, sweet, and filled with spices from a blend of coconut milk, turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg, honey, and black pepper. You’ll find health benefits from the turmeric – anti-inflammatory, improves skin, supports liver function – and also from the coconut milk – promotes weight loss and filled with antioxidants. Check out my TC Agenda recipe for this tasty health elixir.

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