The latest Twin Cities Agenda Spotlight shines a light on local entrepreneur, aesthetician, and humanitarian Jaime Muhammad. Owner of Jaime Leigh Aesthetics in downtown Minneapolis, Jaime has dedicated her life to one simple goal: Finding beauty in the world, and helping women (and men) all across the Twin Cities do the same.

Born and raised in South Minneapolis, Jaime has long had an interest in the aging process, and specifically the science behind it. While confidence certainly comes from within, it’s also important to understand the link between the way we feel on the inside and how we perceive ourselves on the outside; she knows the importance of looking the way we’d like to look, and feeling the way we’d like to feel, as we tackle the wild and crazy world around us.

Through her growing business, and a growing number of clients that have become something like a family, she is able to fulfill a lifelong passion for helping people shine from the inside out, and the outside in.

The Beginning

After raising four children – now teen- and adult-aged – Jaime earned her Esthiology diploma from the Aveda Institute in 2015. She opened her first independent suite in July of 2017, and then spent two years working part-time at a MedSpa alongside an experienced nurse practitioner injector and a permanent makeup artist. Through this, she was able to build up her own practice, and in January of 2020, she made the leap from her work as an independent esthetician to opening her very own licensed medical spa.

Her mission – to offer next-level aesthetic services that go above and beyond your average Med Spa – is accomplished by not only supporting client needs when they visit her office (taking as much time as necessary with each of them) but also by teaching and sharing ideas about what they can do after they leave – i.e., lifestyle changes and home regimens that will truly improve their looks and their lives.

Her boutique Med Spa provides services, yes – everything from lip enhancements, Botox, and chemical peels to HydraFacial (a non-laser skin-resurfacing treatment) and massage – but each visit is more than just a one-off. There are things everyone can be doing to help aid in the anti-aging process, and giving people this information is just as important to her as administering a unit of Xeomin.

She is ultimately less concerned about money, and more concerned with results: It not just about upselling services, jumping on trends for trends sake, or pushing the latest and most expensive products and then shoving the client out the door to make room for the next one; it’s not about profiting from the insecurities so many of us deal with every day –

“It’s a committed process,” she says. “A truly human connection that goes far beyond the superficial.”

An image of Jamie Muhammad, of Jaime Leigh Aesthetics, holding the HydraFacial machine

Growth and Change for Jaime Leigh Aesthetics

Things don’t always go as planned, however, as she opened her doors just two months before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

A setback like this might mean the end of the line for some. For others? It represents an opportunity: Always driven by curiosity, and a drive to be the very best in her field, she knew she wouldn’t be able to stay in one place for long.

The past year has thus been dedicated to growing her brand, building a new website (, and, perhaps the largest change: Moving from a quiet corner in Roseville to a brand new space in the Medical Arts Building in the heart of downtown Minneapolis.

It was time, she says, to take the bull by the horns and make the move – to become a part of something greater, and play a role in the recovery of one of the region’s most dynamic, bustling, and beautiful downtown centers.

But the decision to move downtown Minneapolis, despite the risks, wasn’t a hard one to make. She has always been drawn to the excitement, the fast-paced environment, and the hustle and bustle of a growing market that needs services she provides –

“I’m able to fill a void in downtown. And as the residential population continues to grow –

(downtown Minneapolis added an estimated 1,805 residents in 2020 alone)

– I want to be here to serve them.”

Jaime maintains a strong faith in and love for the area, even amid the city’s recent challenges. And, now that businesses, offices, restaurants, and sporting events have returned, people are coming back as well. It will take some time to truly return to normal, but she is committed to waiting it out.

Plus – the building itself is pretty spectacular

“I love the building I’m in,” Jaime says. “It’s an old building, historic, with a really cool aesthetic… And, as I am so passionate about the medical side of the aging process, it only makes sense to be in the Medical Arts Building.”

And (added bonus), with the parking ramp is attached, visits are still simple for clients traveling in from outside of downtown.

Jaime Leigh applying a hydrafacial to a client

The Future

But – once again – Jaime has bigger plans for the future. This is a jumping off point, not a place to rest. Coming soon (July 1st), her downtown offices will get an upgrade, and expand into a much larger space upstairs to offer expanded services, and offer treatments she wasn’t able to offer before.

Simply – Jaime Leigh Aesthetics has already outgrown the current space, and the time has come to grow once again.

In this, Jaime will be able to foster the relationships she has built with existing clients – ensuring they will never want for anything when they visit – while continuing to grow the family. The expanded space and services will also help to maintain her practice of using and recommending only the highest quality, pharmaceutical-grade skincare products and medically-sound devices.

Because, at the end of the day, it’s all about the client – and ensuring that the client can get everything the want and need from someone who actually cares about their well-being.

This upgrade also helps bolster her commitment to downtown, and to the city where she was born and raised, grew, and now thrives. Her home is just blocks from her practice, where she is still a full-time wife and mother, and there is nowhere else she would rather put down roots.

Is there any time leftover for leisure?

Absolutely – because why else live in the city? She enjoys long walks through downtown and surrounding neighborhoods, as well as around the many incredible lakes. She is passionate about food, and enjoys dining at many of the city’s fantastic restaurants. And, when the day is done there is nothing better than curling up with a good book.

Meet the Rest of the Team

A photo of Wendy Sabinske, partner and Board Certified Nurse Practitioner at Jaime Leigh Aesthetics

Wendy Sabinske

Partner, Board Certified Nurse Practitioner

As a board-certified Nurse Practitioner, I understand the science of medical aesthetics. I have been practicing nursing for over 25 years, most of which was spent working in critical care and peri-anesthesia nursing, where I learned exceptional assessment skills and a caring attitude. I currently have a thriving family practice, and am also privileged to work as the medical director at Jaime Leigh Aesthetics. My ultimate goal is to help our clients take back their confidence and feel their best. My belief that people should evolve, not age, drives my desire to help clients from all walks of life.

Photo of Fay Siino, Certified Massage Therapist at Jaime Leigh Aesthetics

Fay Siino

Certified Massage Therapist

As a certified massage therapist for over 15 years, I have perfected the skills it takes to help my clients not just enjoy the relaxing benefits of massage, but also to help heal the deep-rooted pain that some of them are experiencing. I offer many styles of massage, but have spent most of my career specializing in myofascial release—a safe and effective technique that helps eliminate pain and restore motion. I have a heart to care for people, which shows in my time with clients. I consider it a blessing to use my massage therapy as an outlet to serve others. I look forward to treating you.


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