That Girl: “Mom Knows Best”


When you’re single in your thirties, moms tend to get a little more involved in your love life.

“What about that ‘so-n-so’ guy? I see he likes all of your posts on Facebook. He seems nice. And he’s cute!” Or, “What about ‘so-n-so’s’ brother? He’s thirty and single… and you really like her so I bet you’d like him!”

Oh, momma.

If you know me personally, you know how much I adore my mom. She’s my best friend. She knows (almost) everything about me. And we talk every day.




I call her on the way to work in the morning. We’ve named it “car therapy.” It’s a great way to start my day. Any and all topics are covered. Nothing is off-limits.

Recently, after discussing the every-kid-gets-an-award-for-participating bullsh!t that is happening in youth sports/events/etc now-a-days, mom and I decided that this is why so many young people are acting crazy. Why there has been a dramatic rise in, often violent, pleas for attention. All of these things (along with other factors too, of course – maybe if everyone engaged in car therapy with their parents the world would be a better place?) could be the result of a “awards for all” mentality.

It’s like this: Remember last week when I talked about resilience? It’s not only relevant in the dating world. We need to be resilient in everything we do. An award given for participating does not help us understand what this world is really like. We lose, sometimes. Often. In business, in sports, in friendships, relationships. But, you know what? It’s okay. It is part of life. You pick yourself up and move on. Being resilient can be hard, but necessary.

Losing is not the end of the world: It’s a learning opportunity.

And, after that rather profound conversation with my mom, I said, “You know, we should record these conversations. Podcast-style. We’re, like, totally solving world issues. Move-the-eff over, Trump: This mother-and-daughter duo has got it covered.”

😀 😀 😀 

But, seriously. We are some witty and intelligent women, if I do say so myself.

Which means, though, that she’s almost always right. I hate that. I mean, I’m older now so I guess I don’t hate it as much as I used to. But it still bugs the sh!t out of the 18-year-old in me.

So, I concluded, maybe she is right about all of this dating stuff. Mom knows best, right? Maybe I should listen. So, I did it: I reached out to the “the Facebook-post-liker” and asked him to join me for happy hour.

Though he seemed excited about the date inquiry, he told me that he’s leaving for vacation for a few weeks. Those plans are on hold… For now, at least.


But I am resilient. And I have my books, my momma, and car therapy to keep me going. I will keep on keepin’ on.

Stay tuned for the pending mom-recommended-date update when Facebook cutie gets back from traveling abroad.

And friends, tell me, have you ever been on a date with someone your Mom set you up with? How’d it go? Am I doomed? Or will she be right, as it seems like she always is?

Allison, “That Girl with All The Dates,” is a 32-year-old Client Relations Manager at a tech firm in Minneapolis. While her job, her books, her beloved cat, and her nights spent dining at the Twin Cities’ greatest restaurants certainly provide a fulfilling life, she still hopes this whole dating thing will work out one day. Get in touch:

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