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Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Minneapolis kid-friendly attraction - children's theatre company

Children’s Theatre Company 2017-2018 Season

Sometimes a child’s brightness, personality and artistic nature brings out the child within all of us. I took a family friend's daughter to a play at the Children’s Theatre this year and was almost mystified....
Family fun recipes, Twin Cities Agenda

Sugar High: Fun (and easy) family dessert recipes

Family activities are a great way to catch up and build a stronger bond.  It allows for conversation and typically a lot of laughter.  Most people can think of a time where the family...
Daycare, Twin Cities Agenda

Daycare: What to look for and what to avoid

Can somebody please take my child? For many of us, grandparents or family members aren’t an option, but the idea of dropping off our children with strangers creates an influx of gray hairs atop our...

Top 10 Children’s Books

The ABCs of the Top 10 Children’s Books? Adventurous. Bewitching. Creative. Whether it’s an adventure through uncharted territories or through the jungles of the mind, it’s gotta keep our young reader intrigued and always wanting...
Summer events coming soon: Fun for the whole family, Twin Cities Agenda

Summer fun for the whole family

  Flint Hills 2017 Inernational Childrens Festival - June 3rd and 4th The festival takes place in and around the Ordway, located in the heart of downtown St. Paul. International artists from over 25 countries descend...
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