Play a reinvented game of golf all year long at Topgolf in Brooklyn Park

Play a reinvented game of golf all year long at Topgolf in Brooklyn Park
photo courtesy of Topgolf

Golf may not be on your radar at the moment – you know, with cold temps and winter blizzards just around the corner. You’re actually most likely dusting off your skis and digging out your snowshoes from the back of the closet.  

However, this winter us Minnesotans will still be able to cling to a bit of spring and summer: 

Topgolf’s new location is now open in Brooklyn Park

Just last month Topgolf chose Brooklyn Park as its 46th worldwide location joining dozens of other cities in the U.S. along with the U.K., Australia, and soon, even Dubai.

Topgolf has distinguished itself as a one-of-a-kind golfing experience combining technology and entertainment to enable you to play golf all year long no matter the weather or the temperature. The new Brooklyn Park facility boasts a three-level, 65,000 square-foot golfing complex complete with 102 temperature-controlled hitting bays.

So while you hit your golf balls out into an open-air, outdoor space, you’ll remain toasty warm in your hitting bay by adjusting the temperature of the heavy-duty space heaters to your liking. (And frankly, I have a feeling there will be more disagreements about adjusting the thermostat than about the actual golf game.)

Your goal will be a little playful competition with friends by aiming your microchipped golf balls at the colorful, lit-up targets. The closer your ball lands to the target the more points you score. And with Topgolf’s technology, you’ll instantly see the accuracy, distance, and number of points you earned pop up on a TV in your hitting bay. They have several different games to choose from ranging from testing your short game skills with “TopChip” or a challenging game of accuracy with “TopPressure”.  

Play a reinvented game of golf all year long at Topgolf in Brooklyn Park
photo courtesy of Topgolf

Both golfers and non-golfers alike will have a lot of fun here. Especially, since according to Topgolf, more than half of the guests at their facilities are non-golfers. So don’t be embarrassed if you completely whiff a shot or have a notorious wicked slice.

We are so excited to open here in Minnesota,” said Topgolf Minneapolis – Brooklyn Center Director of Operations Stephen Rubenstein. “Our venue is open year-round for all seasons comfort, and we cannot wait to make memories with our guests all year long!

And it seems like Topgolf picked the right state to open one of their venues as Minnesota apparently really, really loves golf. Golf in Minnesota represents $2.4 billion of the state’s economy and is consistently ranked in the top for golfer participation and in the number of golf facilities. Just this past year, Hazeltine golf course in Chaska was the first US city to host a second Ryder Cup, one of golf’s biggest events, and in a recent announcement, the PGA will also be adding a new annual event called the 3M Open which will be hosted at the TPC Twin Cities in Blaine.

Now with Topgolf, us golf-crazy Minnesotans won’t have to wait until the spring thaw in order to play a round. In the new facility, Topgolf wants to create a memorable experience and fun atmosphere. Indeed, in their promo video, Topgolf looks like a combo of golfing and heading out to the club. They offer full bar service, an expansive menu, a rooftop terrace with a fire pit, along with free pool, shuffleboard and Xbox Kinect in their lower lounge.

Everyone is welcome – adults, kids, men, women, golfers, and non-golfers. There’s no dress code meaning you don’t have to pull out your polo and khakis. You can also bring your own clubs or you can use theirs for absolutely free. Prices are per bay and not by individual. You can have up to six people per bay making Topgolf quite affordable.

From Open-Noon the price per bay is $25 an hour. From Noon-5pm the price is $35 an hour and from 5pm-Close the price goes up to $45 an hour.

You may not want to swap out your clubs for your skis just yet.

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