Recipe of the Week: Broccoli with pine nuts, tart cherries and orange


Broccoli with pine nuts and tart cherries              Yield: 4 servings


1lb broccoli, broken down into large florets

¼ c pine nuts, raw

¼ c dried tart cherries

1ea oange, zested

2t grapeseed Oil

TT salt


Place a pot on the stove with salty water and bring to a boil. Should taste like the ocean.

In a medium sauté pan, toast pine nuts in the grapeseed oil until one side is toasty brown. Season with salt.

Once pot is boiling place broccoli in and cook until tender.

Once tender pull out and put right into pine nut pan. Add cherries and toss.  Then add orange zest and toss.


Does it need salt? Add more if so.


Serve with poultry, red meat or eat on its own.

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Born and raised in the suburbs of Saint Paul, MN, Brandon has immersed himself into being a local and sustainable advocate for delicious living. Working for the best Chef’s in the Twin Cities before becoming the Residence Chef at the Minnesota Governor’s Residence and personal Chef for the Zimmern family. Foraging, eating, parenting, writing, cycling, consulting, catering and hosting pop up dinners are what his free time entails.