This Calming Snowboard Video Shows the True Beauty of Winter


A video uploaded to Vimeo , called Pow Surf 101, is one of the most calming, and therapeutically beautiful things you’ll watch all week.

The antithesis, perhaps, to Sunday’s mighty Super Bowl LII? That most certainly.

Powder Surfing and a Serious Respect for Snow

The boarder, employing considerable “powder surfing” skills (a binder-free, powder-forward new way to ride the white), weaves back and forth, in and out of a veritable winter wonderland to the lulling, Romantic sounds of Claude Debussy’s 1905 classic “Clair de Lune.”

Clair de Lune, which translates from French to “moonlight”, comes from a poem of the same name published in 1869 by the Symbolist poet Paul Verlaine. The title was added to the work just before the song was published in 1905, and is the third movement in a four-part work called Suite Bergamasque.

Click to watch the video above.

Original video: Pow Surf 101 from Kurtis Jackson on Vimeo.

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