5 Waterfalls Within a 90 Minute Drive of the Twin Cities

Willow Falls in Hudson Wisconsin
Picture from gowaterfalling.com

With a few weekends of summer-like weather under our belt, the time is now to start thinking about fun day trips. Hiking is an obvious choice, but what about making the trek to some awesome waterfalls around the Twin Cities?

Here are 6 waterfalls that you can drive to in less than 90 minutes from the Twin Cities.

1. Minnehaha Falls / Minneapolis, MN / Drive Time: 5-15 minutes

Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis MN
Photo from natureflip.com

This was obviously not going to miss this list. With a 53 foot drop and some nice trails flowing through the park, this is a great way to spend a warm summer day. The falls are also pretty awesome if you catch them in their frozen winter state.

2. Willow Falls / Hudson, WI / Drive Time: 45 minutes

Willow Falls in Hudson Wisconsin
Picture from gowaterfalling.com

Just a hop, skip and a jump east gets you to one of the most scenic waterfalls in all of Wisconsin, Willow Falls. It is the main attraction of the 2,891 acre Willow River State Park. The overall drop is only 45 feet, but several individual drops and the impressive width of the falls makes it quite the sight.

3. Hidden Falls / Nerstrand, MN / Drive Time: about an hour

hidden falls nerstrand mn
Photography by natureflip.com

Not the most impressive waterfall in the area, but worth a look, especially if you are heading down to Mankato to check out Minneopa Falls. It is located in Nerstrand Big Woods State Park and has about a 10 foot drop. It is quick to get to — approximately one half mile from the park’s parking lot.

4. Minneopa Falls / Mankato, MN / Drive Time: About 80 minutes

Mankato, MN waterfall - Minneopa Falls
Photo by wildernesstravel.wordpress.com

Widely considered to be the most scenic waterfall in southern Minnesota, Minneopa Falls drops almost 40 feet before flowing into the Minnesota River. The Minneopa State Park does have an entrance fee, but it is well worth it if you enjoy waterfalls.

5. Vermillion Falls / Hastings, MN / Drive Time: 40 minutes

Vermillion Falls -- Hastings, MN
Photo from GoWaterfalling.com

Located in downtown Hastings, Vermillion Falls is an urban waterfall located in Vermillion Falls Park. The drop is about 35 feet, but you will have to get creative in order to get the ideal view as the easy views are a bit obstructed.

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