Watch: Security footage shows illegal fireworks explosion in St. Paul

Fireworks explosion in St. Paul, Twin Cities Agenda

Things got, how do you say, a little explosive for the St. Paul Fire Department recently.

The SPFD posted a video to their Facebook page Wednesday, 7/18/18, with a caption that reads: “Careless use of fireworks cause fire in the alley on the 1200 block of Margaret Street. The fireworks used are illegal in the State of Minnesota.”

In the video, the suspect is visible lighting and then throwing a firework, and then running off down the alley. Moments later, an explosion occurs farther down the alley, rocking the area.

Click to watch the video below.

The incident occurred last May 8, 2018. The St. Paul Fire Department recently closed the investigation without finding the suspect in the video.

The SPFD’s fire investigator Roy Mokosso reported that the explosions caused brush fires on both sides of the alley, and damaged the privacy fence and garage of a nearby house.

He also made sure to remind everyone that any firework that launches in the air or explodes is considered illegal in the state of Minnesota. Enforcing that law is often tough, however, considering the states surrounding Minnesota all allow fireworks that launch in the air and explode.

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