Watch: A Komodo dragon eats a whole monkey and reminds us why we live in Minnesota


Reddit’s infamous thread (for the less-than-squeamish), r/WTF, covers, fairly broadly, the things that make you go WTF! while completely unable to look away. Last week, the thread gave its top-views honor to the video of a very-hungry Komodo dragon eating a monkey.

Yes, a whole monkey. Open wide, no problem. Similar to the way we might eat one of those enormous turkey legs at the State Fair.

Check it out below:

Watching an enormous, 8-foot beast devour this cousin to humans nose-to-tail (because even dragons can be #foodconscious) makes us more than a little bit thankful that, up here in snowy and frigid and subzero Minnesota, these creatures can’t survive in the wild.

But we really shouldn’t judge this lizard’s enormous meal, given how much food we ourselves ate per sitting over the course of this past holiday season (looking, we imagine, fairly similar to a Komodo at times).

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