The Twin Cities best movie theater experiences

photo courtesy of Jake Hills

Summer is just around the corner, and that means hot, hot temps and big movie blockbusters. What better way to spend a late Minnesota summer evening than with a big bucket of buttery popcorn, some Junior Mints, and a fun flick? (Okay, maybe an Icee too). And while the movies may not always hit the mark (Batman vs. Superman anyone?), these movie theaters are guaranteed to give you a fun and memorable night that you’ll want to experience again and again.  

New Hope Cinema Grill

photo courtesy of New Hope Cinema Grill

I’ll always remember loving coming here as a child (and frankly, you were always the cool kid when you had your birthday party at Cinema Grill). New Hope Cinema Grill gives you the perfect package: dinner at the movies. Served right to your seat, you can choose from a full menu that includes pizza, burgers, kid’s meals, desserts, craft beers, cocktails, and root beer floats. Of course, if you’re a movie purist you can stick to the popcorn and candy selection. And feel free to splurge on the treats as the ticket prices are only $4.  

Riverview Theater

photo courtesy of Riverview Theater

Step back in time with Riverview’s classic vintage 50’s decor. With its distinct marquee and retro lobby and lounge, the Riverview Theater has been in operation for over half a century. So you know they’re doing something right. Of course, since its grand opening in the forties the theater has made some upgrades including a state-of-the-art sound system and new high-backed rocker seats. The Riverview screens everything from Hollywood blockbusters to niche art films to even screening Minnesota sporting events. And with stadium seating and over 700 seats to choose from, you’ll be guaranteed an excellent view.

I also can’t not mention the popcorn. Considered many times over to be the best popcorn in town, Riverview Theater uses REAL butter. It’s so good, the theater even offers takeout popcorn so you can enjoy it home.

CMX Cinema at the Mall of America

photo courtesy of CMX Cinema at Mall of America

This theater is brand spanking new and has taken the luxury movie-going experience to the next level. Just refurbished this past April, the new MOA theater boasts 13 screens, three with 3D capabilities, Dolby 7.1 sound, and comfy seating with oversized leather recliners each with its own swivel table. And that isn’t even the exciting part. The theater also opened the CMX Market where professional chefs are ready to provide you with endless delicious entrees including hand-crafted pizza, made-to-order burgers and shakes, a delicatessen station handing out cheese and charcuterie platters, fresh salads, gourmet sandwiches, and a variety of cocktails and drinks to wash it all down. Don’t worry they still have popcorn, though rather it is a Popcorn Lab where you can choose from a selection of gourmet fresh-popped popcorn. Shockingly still, the ticket prices are reasonable ranging from $5 to $14.

St. Anthony Main Theatre

photo courtesy of St. Anthony Main Theatre

You’ll probably want to get to the theater early to grab your tickets and then head out for a walk simply to drink in the picturesque scenery. Overlooking the Mississippi River on Historic Main Street, St. Anthony Main Theatre sits along a cobblestone road next to bustling restaurant patios and bars with a view of the Minneapolis downtown skyline over the river. But once you’re ready to settle in to watch your movie, St. Anthony Main Theatre is able to cater to everyone’s taste showing new blockbusters as well as lesser known independent features.

Trylon Cinema

photo courtesy of Trylon Cinema

If you’re tired of watching the 40th Fast and Furious (which granted I never will be because well, The Rock) the Trylon theater is the place for you. With an intimate setting of only 100 seats, the Trylon screens classic films six nights a week. The theater shows everything from your Spaghetti Westerns, favorite Hitchcock thrillers, movie marathons of your favorite actors and directors, silent films, foreign films, to even the truly terrible cult classics. The Trylon has a digital projector for newer movies as well as two 35mm projectors making sure you’ll experience the classic films with their original luster.

Movie Tip: Tuesday is the day to go see movies. At most theaters, the Tuesday ticket prices will be at their cheapest for every screening – even the evening shows. The average movie price on Tuesdays is usually around $5. Plus on a weekday, the lines will definitely be shorter and you’ll get prime pick on your seats.  

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