Food trucks are all the rage: Even in Minnesota, where the we spend half the year covered in snow, an incredible influx of new trucks have hit the streets over the past few months. This has created not only a convenient dining experience for consumers, but also a new business opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Particularly for those entrepreneurs with a more plant-based mindset.

Food truck rankings

That doesn’t mean it’s easy, however: When it comes to the ease of opening a food truck, Minneapolis ranks 16th out of the top 20 U.S. metropolitan areas (according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce). The study ranks cities according to scores based on ease vs. difficulty of obtaining necessary permits and licenses, compliance to restrictions, and operating the food truck. In other words, it’s a ranking of the favorability of food truck regulations to food truck operators (totaling 288 owners as of the most recent report). And, as each city has it’s own regulations, it should come as no surprise that food trucks often find it difficult to operate depending on where they’re located.

Minnesota is in the top five least-friendly food truck cities, yes. But this is not to say Minnesota food truckers are unfriendly. Au contraire: The report is saying that it’s more of hurdle for entrepreneurs to do business and own a food truck in the Twin Cities. On average, in the city of Minneapolis, a food truck owner must complete four separate government procedures over the course of 37 business days and spend $28,276 on licenses, permits, and ongoing legal requirements within one year.

Which means they’re a committed bunch.

There is an upside, though: Minneapolis is also unique in that there are one-stop-shops that allow new owners to obtain both a license and a permit at the same time, which makes it more convenient than many of the other cities listed. This is why we still manage to have such a creative and robust array of meals on wheels here, despite the hurdles.

Click here to see the full report by city.

Know where to go

Choosing from one of Minnesota’s 116 different food trucks (with more in the works) can often feel overwhelming. How does one decide? Thankfully, the internet offers an easy solution to plan a meal or pop in spontaneously. To make things easier, you can search by neighborhood, specific food truck, or by what you crave at the Minnesota Food Truck Association website.

Since I’m all about that veg, here are a few of the best trucks around the metro offering the best in plant-based food options:

Minnesota Food Trucks, Twin Cities Agenda

Reverie favorites include:
Berbere BBQ
Cubano (made with jackfruit)
Rev Plate (for when you can’t decide)
Follow the truck at @ReverieMPLS

Minnesota Food Trucks, Twin Cities Agenda

Foxy Falafel favorites include:
Falafels (foxy, beet, & curry)
Platter (to try them all)
Rice Bowls
-you choose the entree style, meat/falafel, & sauce-
Follow the truck @FoxyFalafel

Minnesota Food Tucks, Twin Cities Agenda

Hot Indian favorites include:
Hi Flight (you choose 3 fillings, roti or brown basmati)
Spinach Paneer (filling)
Vegan Channa (filling)
Creamy Green (chutney)
Hi Heat (chutney)
-you choose your filling, base, & chutney-
Follow the truck @HotIndianFoods

You can find these trucks, and many more, at the upcoming St. Paul Food Truck Festival.

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