Did you know the Twin Cities have a raw cookie dough food truck?

dough dough
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There’s a food truck floating around Minneapolis & St Paul that serves none other than raw cookie dough. Yes, it’s safe. And, more importantly, it’s delicious.

The owners of this newfound glory called Dough Dough, Tony and Hailey Fritz, also operate the O’Cheeze food truck in the cities. They said they came up with the idea even before a similar New York City one opened up earlier in the year, according to an interview with the Pioneer Press.

Flavors will be changing throughout the year but currently the menu has a Cookies and Cream flavor, a peanut butter cup flavor, and several others including Chocolate Chip, Mint Chocolate Chip, & Salted Caramel. All of the doughs are egg-free and the flour used is heated specifically for safety reasons.

You can typically find Dough Dough at their usual spot at 2nd Ave S and 5th St in Minneapolis, however they also make their way to many Twin Cities breweries and some St Paul streets as well.

Follow them on Twitter to see where they’re at today, and also check out their website for flavor updates as well as catering options. I know I’m about to jump in my car and head over there immediately.

Dough Dough Food Truck
Minneapolis, MN
(612) 568-5737