The “Oh Sh!t, It’s Father’s Day” Gift Guide for Dad

The “Oh Sh!t, It’s Father’s Day” Gift Guide for Dad

You have good intentions. You have it starred, circled and highlighted on your calendar. “Get dad a gift for Father’s Day” has been on your to-do list for the past three weeks. But here we are, the week of, and you’re still stuck empty-handed.

It’s all good, though: We’ve got you covered.

Subscription boxes are always a fun idea, as they are the gift that keeps on giving. Remind dad for three-months, six-months, or through the whole year just how much you love him. You are looking for the “favorite child” title, right? This guide is sure to get you one step closer.

A few ideas to start:

Sharply-Dressed Dad

For the tailored, put-together, well-groomed dad, try a subscription to Birchbox Men. He can try a variety of new products each month and get a discount when purchasing his favorite. It’s a fun surprise each month, and he’ll never know what he’s going to get. Plus, mom will dig it too because he’s going to look and smell his very best.

Beer Connoisseur Dad

There are many beer-of-the-month options to choose from and it is a great way to get dad to dabble in some new things. Sure, Hamms is good and all, but it is time to expand dad’s taste buds a bit. We love this Craft Beer Club.

It’s kind of cliche, though, isn’t it? Assuming all dad’s love beer? So, check our picks for wine and whiskey, too.


Fanboy Dad

Does your dad love comic books, superheroes, geek paraphernalia or gaming? We super dig the folks over at Loot Crate and all the options to choose from! Get undies for the dad that likes to keep his love for comics on the DL. The sock option for the dad that will brave superhero socks with his business suit. Or choose the t-shirt option (Ask mom, first. She is the one that will have to walk around Home Depot on Saturdays with him reppin’ his Deadpool tee) for the dad that was first in line for the latest Marvel movie. It will excite his young inner geek and likely be something he wouldn’t buy for himself. YOU can be his next superhero.

The “Oh Sh!t, It’s Father’s Day” Gift Guide for Dad

Quick, easy, wrap-able gifts – one and done. Our favorites:

For the Old-Skool Dad

Just this past year, my dad got a smartphone. He only kinda knows how to use it. (And he thinks it is super funny to abbreviate things and talk in slang when we text. I never understand. He thinks it’s hilarious.) I blow his mind every time I visit when I ask Google to help us with something. “Oh yeeeeaaaah, I forgot we could ask our phone that stuff. Man, technology, I’ll never get used to it.”

Sigh… gotta love him, right?

I’ll be honest, I had to research the difference between the Google Home Mini and the Amazon Dot… and I still don’t know which is “better.” But either of these options are a great way to ‘wow’ dad. Spend an afternoon with him setting it up. Teach him how to ask it questions or how to play Fleetwood Mac in an instant. He’ll think you’re the coolest.

The “Oh Sh!t, It’s Father’s Day” Gift Guide for Dad
Mini (L) and Dot (R)

Still-has-his-first-wallet Dad

The stigma may be true – some men just don’t like change. But, if his wallet has seen better days and he’s got a lump in the butt of all his jeans, perhaps a new one is in order. Check out this super cool option we found on Amazon:

The “Oh Sh!t, It’s Father’s Day” Gift Guide for Dad

Chef Dad

How about this super rad smoker – BBQ oven?! Still time to do ‘express-shipping’ on this awesome gift. Bonus: You’ll also reap the benefits of having this gift around. Perhaps you can find a “kiss the cook” apron, as well?

The “Oh Sh!t, It’s Father’s Day” Gift Guide for Dad

The Philanthropic Dad

They’ve been around for a while now… but Tom’s Shoes is one of the original one-for-one companies to make profit while donating to those in need. Buy dad a new pair of kicks and let him know that every time he rocks them he can think of helping someone in need with a pair of their very own. 

The “Oh Sh!t, It’s Father’s Day” Gift Guide for Dad

Sporty Dad

Take me out to the ballgame: Is there much better than a beer, hot dog and a ball game with dad in the summertime? No. No, there isn’t. And, he’ll love it. Just be sure to actually go with him. (Yeah, you.)

Twins Tickets

Saints Tickets

The “Oh Sh!t, It’s Father’s Day” Gift Guide for Dad

Or, just find a nearby field (the Twin Cities are full of parks) and play a game for yourself. Your time just might be the best gift you can give.

The Local Entrepreneur Dad

This one take a bit more research, but for those sads that own small businesses and like to support local, introduce him to a new shop with a gift card. Pick a place like Subtext Books, MartinPatrick, The Beez Kneez, or Peace Coffee.

The “Oh Sh!t, It’s Father’s Day” Gift Guide for Dad

There you have it, now go after it before it is too late!

If you are reading this on your way to your Father’s Day brunch and you’re still empty handed, go ahead and stop at the local Home Depot or Best Buy. Zero points for creativity, but it will be appreciated. Some extra credit if you put it in a cheesy card. Tough-guy or not, you’ll pull at his heart strings and that’s all that really matters, right?

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