Pet-Friendly Places to Keep Your Furry Friends Out of the Cold

Pet-friendly places to keep your furry friends out of the cold | Twin Cities Agenda

The harsh temperatures can be quite unforgiving for your furry family members. Even with all the doggy sweaters and tiny boots, it’s not ideal for your pets to spend extensive time out in the frigid cold. But you can help release some of your pet’s pent up energy while at the same time preventing the complete destruction of your furniture by warming them up at one of the many indoor dog parks around the Twin Cities.

Pet-friendly places around the Twin Cities 

Lucky Dog Pet Lodge

Pet-friendly places to keep your furry friends out of the cold

With 7,500 square feet of indoor play area, your canine buddy will without a doubt tucker themselves out playing with other dogs and jumping on the playground equipment. The facility is divided into three different floors so the dogs will be able to safely play and socialize with one another. Two floors are for the larger and more energetic dogs while the smaller dogs get their own area to let loose. The staff also encourage you to bring along a familiar toy so your dog feels relaxed and happy though you’ll be able to make sure your pup has a great time by checking out their live webcams.

Downtown Dogs

Pet-friendly places to keep your furry friends out of the cold

Fido will never be bored at this facility. He’ll get tons of playtime with other dogs bounding around the 15,000 square foot indoor space and rollicking on the puppy playground equipment. With such a large space, Downtown Dogs is able to accomodate all dogs with three different rooms keeping highly active, energetic dogs who love to run and wrestle separate from those that are shy, small, or older. Locally and independently owned, this business also donates a portion of revenue to support and help less-fortunate dogs.

The Paw – A Pet Resort

Pet-friendly places to keep your furry friends out of the cold

Get rid of all the extra energy by bringing your dog for a swim! Swimming is great for your dog’s joints, muscle strength, cardiovascular health, and overall happiness. The Paw features an indoor pool heated to a comfortable 85 degrees and the depth ranges from 10 inches to 4½ feet so it’s easy for both novice and advanced dog swimmers. They do provide life jackets and will teach your pup to swim, to jump off a dock, and provide them with an open swim where they can socialize and play with other dogs. Though if your dog isn’t a fan of the water, the facility is also equipped with 5,400 square feet of indoor play space where you’ll be able to check in on a webcam to make sure your dog is having a great time.

Coffee Shops

If your dog is on the mellow side and would rather relax than romp, you can still indulge your canine with some new scenery by bringing them to these pet-friendly coffee shops.

In the Loop Coffee Co.

The staff here will be all too happy to give your dog some free treats and a bowl of water. You know this coffee shop loves it’s furry patrons as you can even order a Pupuccino off their menu specifically for your pup. And while you place your order, be sure to admire the dog portraits on their Mt. Ruffmore wall.

Diamonds Coffee Shoppe

Located in Northeast, your dog can escape the cold as pets are welcome inside. They’ll delight your dog with free treats as you get comfy and enjoy their delicious coffee and food.

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