Save money and have your gifts beautifully wrapped by Gift Six The Wrappery


I am not exactly the arts and craftsy one of my friends. One friend doles out handmade holiday and birthday cards that rival Hallmark and another tailor-makes your gift by expertly painting your favorite characters and designs intricately on shoes or pots and pans. When the two of them mentioned Mod Podge I said “gesundheit…”

(I later discovered Mod Podge is in fact a type of crafting glue…)

Those two have the patience and talent I have yet to uncover, and for many of us the holidays can quickly turn from a festive celebration into a tedious task. You fought the crowds shopping and choosing the perfect present and now you’re left with the chore to actually wrap the dozens of gifts for your family and friends. This is where Gift Six The Wrappery steps in, saves you the stress of the holiday season, and takes your gifts to the next level that will impress even your most talented arts and craftsy friends and family members.

Gift Six The Wrappery is a mobile gift wrapping business that will come directly to you in its retrofitted ice house, right up your driveway, and beautifully and expertly wrap all your presents. All you need to do is supply the gifts. Gift Six The Wrappery takes care of all the wrapping paper, bows, boxes, ribbons, tape, and other tools to construct an exquisitely wrapped present.

Creator of Gift Six The Wrappery, Andrea Loth, first developed this business from the love of her first job at a family-owned toy store. Every toy sold had to be wrapped, and Loth absolutely loved meticulously packaging each gift. Loth is generously sharing her gift-wrapping master skills with us to help alleviate the stress of the holidays, save us money, and most importantly give us hours back in the day.

The average american will spend 4.5 hours wrapping presents and a surprising $72 on wrapping supplies every year.

Andrea Loth wraps most every gift imaginable. From small items like jewelry, scarves, and perfume to larger pieces like luggage, TVs, and power tools. Loth even effortlessly and elegantly wraps unusually-shaped gifts like basketballs, golf clubs, or guitars. Gift Six The Wrappery prices are affordable where you can select from either the Superior or Deluxe wrapping services ranging from $3 to $11 per gift.

Even with weeks to practice, I’m quite positive I would never come close to Loth’s expert finesse and ability. However, if you’re feeling ambitious, Loth shares 3 wrapping tricks to help you during this gift-giving season.

Gift Wrapping Tricks

  1. Utilize every bit of wrapping paper, especially the extra scraps at the end of the roll, by cutting the paper into smaller strips to wrap around the outside of the present. Choose a different color wrapping paper for this strip creating another colorful layer and dimension while also covering up visible seams and tape.
  2. Add a ribbon or bow on top for that extra touch. Loth suggests to use wired ribbon as it’s easier to shape the bow. And because of the wire, the bow will actually keep its shape until it’s unwrapped!
  3. Even though it’s specifically in the name, if you’re using gift wrap tape on your presents you should switch. Loth’s choice of tape for the best-looking presentation is double stick tape closely followed by transparent tape.

Check out Gift Six The Wrappery to book your appointment and save yourself the time, money, and potential headache of wrapping them yourself.