Northeast’s MN Nice Cream sells the most decadent of ice cream creations

photo courtesy of MN Nice Cream

Chatting with my friend the other day, we got onto the subject of mini doughnuts (most of my conversations revolve around food…) and he casually mentioned that the State Fair is only about 100 days away. This information threw me into a panic.

The State Fair marks the end of summer. The end of warm weather. The end of bonfires and patios.

Spring has just arrived and already it seems that the days are numbered until we’re back to flannel layers and thick boots. And so if there are only 100 days until the unofficial end of summer, I needed to get organized. As cheesy as it may seem I decided to make a summer bucket list of must-do activities and must-see places in the cities.

I am still fine-tuning this list but I do know for sure that delicious, velvety ice cream needs to be top priority (because, again, food). It didn’t take me long to figure out that the place to go is MN Nice Cream.

Glittery, colorful, and perfectly Instagrammable ice cream. I’m a bit behind the trend as my Instagram is mostly filled with pictures of dogs, but Instagram is the place that helped put MN Nice Cream on the map. Their ice cream is beyond picture-worthy.

photo courtesy of MN Nice Cream
photo courtesy of MN Nice Cream

You see what I mean?

MN Nice Cream is known for their outrageous ice cream toppings like Fruity Pebbles, gummy bears, popcorn, homemade cookie dough, homemade puppy chow, pounds of sprinkles, and yes, edible glitter. And all of this deliciousness comes on top of their silky homemade chocolate and vanilla soft serve that can be served in sparkly waffle cones, between cookies or doughnuts, or in shake or float form.

Owner and creator of MN Nice Cream, Katie Romanski, started selling her amazing ice cream creations out of the smallest food truck in the Twin Cities (though with arguably the biggest lines). In an interview, Romanski described when they hand the cones out the food truck window, “We love seeing their faces light up and it’s just magic.” Well, that excitement and those long lines have spoken as Romanski has taken the next step and expanded opening up a brick-and-mortar shop in Northeast.

photo courtesy of MN Nice Cream

MN Nice Cream opened up shop next to Able Seedhouse + Brewery on Broadway bringing along their quintessential colorful, pastel aesthetic. With this expanded space, you’ll be able to enjoy Romanski’s decadent ice cream along with several other food options including paninis, salads, smoothies, and soups. Ice cream, though, is definitely still the main focus as the glitter experimentation continues. Romanski has now created rainbow tie-dye waffle and taco cones, is looking into more dairy-free soft serve and topping options, and will offer an abundance of shake combos with endless toppings including red velvet cake, eggless cookie dough, and fresh fruit.

Yes. Yes to all of that.

photo courtesy of MN Nice Cream

And now, with a patio in their new location, MN Nice Cream is definitely a must for the summer. Frankly, I’ll be perfectly content if MN Nice Cream is the only thing I cross off my summer bucket list.

And maybe a beach or two.

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