‘The Mighty Ducks’ coming soon to the small screen


And, well, that’s pretty much all we know.

Details are still hazy: A TV-series version of the popular, and Minnesota-based The Mighty Ducks movie is currently in development. Original screenwriter Steven Brill and original producer Jordan Kerne are both involved (no word yet if star Emilio Estevez will be returning, however), giving the project wings (yup) after pitching the idea to Tracy Underwood, the head of ABC Signature Studios.

No word yet on if the series will be a sequel or a reboot, or if it will even be shot/take place in Minnesota (though the latter is likely – no one loves hockey like we do).

Too soon?

You can probably also expect more of the pee-wee hockey melodrama, and adult moral redemption, that made the original film (and its two subsequent sequels) a worldwide hit.

The project is still in it’s earliest stages: No network is yet attached. ABC Signature Studios, the cable and streaming branch of ABC Studios that often deals in globally-appealing Disney films, could take the project to other broadcast or cable networks, or sell it to a streaming platform like Netflix.

Stay tuned for more updates as they come.

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