Meat on meat on meat: The best burgers in the Twin Cities

Meat on meat on meat, Twin Cities Agenda

Burgers are having a moment, and it seems that just about every restaurant, from fine dining to dive, has their own take on this classic American meal. But there is a reason we keep going back to it. Whether it’s a Thursday evening date, Sunday morning hangover, or Monday afternoon lunch, these are where it’s at: The top ten spots to grub out on delicious, juicy, greasy hamburgers.

The Best Burgers in the Twin Cities

Saint Dinette

It’s a killer brunch – being kitty-corner from the Farmer’s Market has helped to put this place on the map. But the cheeseburger is what really makes it stand out: Two patties with homemade American cheese and pickles on the side.

That’s it, and that’s a good thing.

I don’t even bother with eggs when I walk into St. Dinette for brunch. Coffee, maybe a Brûlée’d Grapefruit, that burger, and I’m out.

Matt’s Bar

Because, well, duh. The Juicy Lucy king, the diviest of dives, the quintessential tourist destination. Matt’s is a historical monument with the only question of importance being, ‘raw or fried onions. ’Just remember, no cards accepted so hit the ATM before diving in.

Parlour at Borough

Always my late-night treat when I can get out of work on time. With the ambiance of the bar in Parlour, the intellect of the bartenders willing to stir you their take on classic cocktails and a cheeseburger that would make Ray Kroc shed a tear, this isn’t to be missed.

Added bonus? There’s a location in St. Paul, just outside of downtown, now as well.

The best burgers in the Twin Cities

Blue Door Pub

It’s hard to go wrong with the choices and their three locations make it easier than ever to sink your teeth into the original Blucy. From their original with bleu cheese and garlic, to the specific selections for each location. Don’t forget to make it a Jiffy which will add the heart stopping ingredients of bacon, Pepper Jack cheese, mayo and peanut butter.

Lyn 65

You’ll find it at the bottom of the menu, after touring all the other delectables they have to offer. Ask any server or bartender, this is our comfort spot. Made simply like you’d expect with the best ingredients, a single or double patty with cheese and pickles and their house made Dijon mayo. Prepare to salivate.

Red Cow

There is no specific burger that Red Cow does that deserves some recognition. It’s more the selection that appeases anyone walking through the door. From the Cowboy with Root Beer pulled pork, to the Manhattan 2.0 that has a patty made of a mixture of brisket, chuck, short rib, and sirloin, to the classic Double Barrel Burger that won the 2016 Burger Battle. There’s a meat sandwich for everyone.

112 Eatery

Serving his menu until midnight on weekdays isn’t the only thing Isaac Becker does right. It’s topped with brie and sandwiched between an English muffin. And they’ve been doing this since2005, pre-Instagraming burger rage. Think of this burger as the original.


Single. Double. Fried Egg. Bacon. Even a little lettuce and tomato. The choices are almost unending. Did someone say green chili? It’s what a diner burger dreams to be and Nighthawks has nailed it. Onions. Special Sauce. Done.

Lowry Hill Meats

Because what better place to get meat than the place where it’s ground and mixed. Lowry gives ‘farm to table’ the definition it deserves. From a simple menu of sandwiches, Lowry opens Wednesdays and adds a burger to it. Four ounces of meat on a brioche bun. Add an egg if your heart so desires.

Meat on meat on meat: The best burgers in the Twin Cities

Worth the drive: Anchor Bar & Grill

This little joint in Superior, Wisconsin is fantastic. With a menu featuring every kind of burger concoction you could get your hands on and all less than $10 bucks (most just hitting $5) this is a hungover on vacation spot of your dreams. I had the Sour Cream and Mushroom burger (how can you pass up such a weird combination) and the Jalapeño Burger. Hangover, be gone.

A little secret: Bellecour

Every Thursday beginning at 9pm Gavin Kaysen does what he does best and slays the food game into burger land. The chef’s dole out 24 burgers and these don’t last long. All are usually sold out a mere two minutes after nine o’clock. The burger changes every week (check their Instagram every Thursday afternoon) and get there early. Servers will take your order as early as you like and, bam, burger on your table at 9pm.

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