Don’t want to wait for (or watch) the Super Bowl? Here are the best commercials so far


Your favorite faces, Danny Devito, Chris Pratt, Morgan Freeman, Peter Dinklage, doing the things that only the millions upon millions of dollars heaped upon the most-watched sports event’s interlude commercials could get them to do.

Watching Tyrion Lannister rapping Busta Rhymes’ verse from Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now” was probably not on your list of important things to do today.

Or maybe it was.

But commercials, strangely, have become an art form all their own. It’s a way for people (and pretty specifically Americans) to express their individuality: What brands do you buy/support? And commercials, ahem, Super Bowl commercials (because everyone knows they’re the best), are perhaps the most efficient way for people to figure that out.

But before you go lamenting the loss of culture, the general shame that this many of your favorite, talented people are hawking items like Michelob Ultra and Mountain Dew (and so many unknowns are enjoying their only, fleeting moments of fame doing the same thing), remember that life is short, and that we all need to laugh now and again, even if it’s just a little bit.

Now, perhaps, more than ever.


M&M’s “Human” ad with (an awesome) Danny Devito


Febreze’s “The Only Man Whose Bleep Don’t Stink” ad


Michelob Ultra’s “The Perfect Fit” ad with Chris Pratt


Squarespace’s “Should You Make A Website? Here’s Why Keanu Reeves Did” ad with, you guessed it, Keanu Reeves


Budweiser’s heartwarming “Stand By You” ad


DORITOS BLAZE vs. MTN DEW ICE ad with both Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman


Groupon’s “Who Wouldn’t” ad


Pringles’ “Wow” ad


PETA’s “Redemption” ad with James Cromwell


Lexus LS 500 F Sport x Black Panther ad & Stella Artois with Matt Damon


Skittles’ “Sandwich: Possible” ad with David Schwimmer (Ross from friends is indeed still alive. Sort of.)


Jack in the Box’s strange “#JACKvsMARTHA” ad